Semi permanent hair coloring is a good way to get a different look for a few days. Go through the article, to know more about what is semi permanent hair colour and what are its advantages.

Semi Permanent Hair Coloring

Do you want a hair color that lasts for just 4 to 6 shampoo washes? While permanent color, just as the name suggests, is long-lasting in nature, temporary color remains for only 1 or 2 shampoo washes, at the maximum. The people, who want something in between the two, now have an option in the form of semi permanent hair color. It is the hair color that lasts from anywhere between 6 to 8 shampoos washes and, sometimes, even more. Semi permanent hair color comes in various forms, such as gel, creme, liquid and mousse, as well as in myriad colors, like black, brown, burgundy, auburn, and so on.
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Semi permanent hair color contains a pigment that is deposited in the hair cuticle and the outer cortex. The hair dye usually fades away a bit, each time you shampoo. It is an excellent retort for people who are bored with their current hair color and want a different look, but for a few days only. Semi permanent hair color is much milder than the permanent ones and lasts longer than temporary ones. The best feature of this hair color is that it can deepen color tones without changing the natural hair color. It is less damaging than the permanent hair color and also excellent for very thin or damaged hair.
There are many people who use semi-permanent color only to enhance the natural color of their hair. These colors can also be used to add golden or red highlights to the hair or simply to deepen the original hair color. Semi-permanent color may also be used to tone pre-lightened hair or to add color to gray or white hair. It is also excellent for people with very thin strands of hair or damaged hair that have been permed or relaxed. However, before going for any type of hair color, it is important to consult your hair stylist and take his/her advice on what suits your hair.
Advantages Of Semi Permanent Hair Color
Let us explore the main advantages of semi permanent hair coloring: 
  • The best thing about semi permanent hair color is that you can apply it on your own. Since you do not require professional help, the cost is low.
  • Much unlike temporary color, semi permanent hair color does not rub off on your pillows or clothes.
  • After using semi-permanent hair color, you get back the original color of your hair within 4 to 6 shampoos.
  • It can be used to enhance the original color of your hair. You can use it to add golden or red highlights or to deepen the color of your hair.
  • Semi permanent hair color is less damaging for the hair than the permanent colors, which can take away then natural luster from your hair. Hair colors contain some harmful chemicals, which can be damaging for your hair in the long run. Since semi-permanent color fades away after a few shampooing rounds, it is safer for your hair than the permanent colors.

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