Cowboy boots are an ultimate male fantasy. Explore the article below to learn how to buy cowboy boots.

How To Buy Cowboy Boots

Cowboy hats can be found in plenty and even cowboy jeans. However, if you want to complete your attire with dashing boots then you have quite a task at hand. The boots hold a special attraction, for both girls and boys. Anybody who has grown on a staple diet of Wild West perhaps has the entire cowboy look ingrained in his mind, complete with two guns slinging at the hips. While to be a Clint Eastwood or an Indiana Jones is possible only on the screen, no one is going to stop you from dressing like them. Cowboy boots are also a fashion statement. Nowadays, anyone who can spell ‘fashion’ must at least have a pair of cowboy boots without which no wardrobe is complete. It complements almost every type of attire, be it jeans, suits or skirts and you don’t even need the guns or a horse to complete the look. The challenge is to buy one and a good fitting one at that. To help you live your fantasy, read through the article and know things to consider while buying cowboy boots.
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Cowboy Boots Buying Tips
Things To Consider Before Buying
Cowboy boots come in a variety of styles but the most popular one is the Western style. The Western style boots have a high shaft and a one inch high angled heel with a very pointed toe. The style is very fashionable and contemporary. The boot shaft rises till the ankle and the heel is short and square. They also come with laces.
The material is one of the factors that contribute towards the price. Cowboy boots are found in various materials like crocodile skin, python skin and ostrich hide. The durability of the boots also depends on the type of materials used to make the boots. It is always better to go for expensive boots as they are long lasting.
The upper part of the boot is known as the shank. Different types of boots have different shank lengths. The classic style boots have the shanks covering the entire length of the calf while the contemporary one can reach only up to the ankle. Depending upon your personal preference you can select the height of the shank.
The toes of the boots come either pointed or rounded. The pointed toes are the classier looking.
Selecting the boots with the right heel is very important. Boots with a high heels are difficult to walk in if you are not used to it. Though there are no standards, you should go for the boots with heels that make you comfortable.
Buying Tips
  • Cowboy boots symbolize toughness. So, buy those that are solid and give out that impression. Go especially for leather boots, as they are known to be ‘heavy duty’.
  • Try on the boots before buying. Walk around and see if you are comfortable in the pair. The feet should be adapted to the boot to prevent any injuries. If possible, buy custom-made leather boots but they are quite expensive.
  • Consider the toe structure of the boots. For pointed toes, you must leave some space to avoid the pinch. So, buy the boot that is a little larger than your normal size. For rounded or squared toes, you can buy boots with your normal feet size. However, make sure that the toe is hard without any bulges.
  • Take into account the material of the boots. Some leathers soften up with age and may cave in. Buy those that fit you snugly. It is always better that you buy boots with high quality materials.
  • See that the stitches are not visible. They must be buried in the leather so that the boot is clean with no impression. The stitching should be straight and without any loose ends.

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