The concept of eco friendly clothes is slowly catching up in India also, especially with India’s first eco-friendly clothing line being launched in the Wills India Fashion Week 2007.

Eco-friendly Clothing

With the threat of global warming looming on our heads, eco friendly products are finding a favor amongst the coming generation. Every where you go, you hear people talking about eco-friendly products, be it eatables, deodorants, shopping bags or beauty products. The latest product to join this ‘eco friendly’ bandwagon is clothing. Yes, you read it right. The concept of eco-friendly clothing is gradually catching up in the world.
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The Concept
You can say that the concept of eco friendly or organic clothing has been largely inspired from the organic food and cosmetics being popularized throughout the world. The eco friendly clothes are made with ‘organic’ fibers, comprising of bamboo, corn, organic cotton and the like. Those who are vouching for the new trend emphasize the fact that production of clothing fibers is highly damaging to the environment, with cotton being one of the worst offenders.
Infact, it is said that even the making of a simple T-shirt involves the consumption of somewhere around 1/3 pound of agricultural chemicals and other harmful products like ammonia and formaldehyde. The fabrics used for eco friendly clothes are produced without or with very less synthetic chemicals or pesticides Apart from leading to less pollution than the conventional clothing, eco friendly clothes are also renewable and reusable. Amongst the major promoters of the concept are fashion designers, who have started using it for their fashion shows.  
Eco Friendly Clothes in India
Till sometime back, the term ‘eco-friendly clothing’ was completely alien to India. Though the concept has long been popularized in the West, India caught it not too long back. However, it received the maximum recognition when designer Anita Dongre launched 'Grassroot', the first eco-friendly clothing line of India, at the Wills India Fashion Week of 2007 (September). Now, it seems to be only a matter of time before the eco friendly clothes start becoming available at the local stores also.

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