If you’re keen on getting your hair permed, then check out different types and styles of perms to complement your looks.

Types Of Perms

To give your hair great body, curls and bounce, perming is actually a good way. In fact it provides you a carefree style, together with less use of heating appliances. Moreover, it’s an easy approach to change your looks. People can do perming on their own, but in such cases, they have limited choice. While perming hair at home, you must carefully follow the instructions provided on the perming solution. However, salon perms are recommended to people as they are safer and work better. Also professional hairdressers can assist you in making out, which style would suit you best. Here’s given information about different types of perms, available in salons.
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Acid Perm
Acid perm turns out highly conditioned flexible curls. It is suitable for hair, which is fine, sensitive, fragile, damaged or tinted, due to its mild acidic action. It also minimizes the possibility of hair damage.
Alkaline Perm
Alkaline perm results into strong, firm curl. It is best suited for normal and resistant hair.
Exothermic Perm
Exothermic perm produce bouncy, resilient curls. The term ‘exothermic’ refers to the gentle heat, which is created by the chemical reaction that takes place when the lotion is mixed. This gentle heat allows the lotion to enter the hair cuticle, while conditioning and strengthening the hair from inside; the lotion moulds the hair into its latest shape.
The above-mentioned types of perm can be utilized with different techniques to turn out a number of results. For example,
Body Perm
Body perms are quite soft, loose perm that are produced by means of large curlers, or rollers. The fallout is added volume, with a hint of wave sooner than curls.
Root Perm
The point that makes root perms different from others is that they add lift and volume to the root area only. They impart height and fullness to hair. Thus, they are best for short hair that has the tendency to go flat.
Spiral Perm
Spiral perm produce tender spiral curls. Such effect is created by winding the hair around long curlers. The mass of curls makes long hair appear thick.  
Stack Perm
Stack perm bestows curl and volume to one-length hair cuts using different sized curlers. The hair on top of the head is left unpermed, whereas the middle and ends are given curls and movements.
Weave Perm

Weave perm entail perming some sections of hair and leaving the rest straight. It is aimed to impart a fusion of texture and natural body and bounce, mainly on areas around the face like the fringe.

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