A number of factors are taken into account to create that perfect hairstyle for a person with a round face. This article tells you about important hairstyle tips for a round face

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Your face structure is one of the factors that determine the perfect and right hairstyle for you. How to differentiate a round face from other facial shapes? You can describe a round face as one that is approximately as wide as it is long, dimensionally. It will usually have a wide hairline and the cheeks of that person will be full. This type of facial shape, at times, will make the neck appear shorter. If you have a facial structure that corresponds to this particular description, then probably your face is round. A classic round face has soft, non-angular features. Discussed here are some of the hairstyles that you can try out, if you have a round face.
Choosing Haircuts for Round Face
There is no definite set of hairstyles for people with a round face. What type of haircut a round-faced person should take depends upon a number of factors, beginning with the length of the hair, its texture, age of the person, his lifestyle, and so on. However, the maximum haircuts for the round face are designed to make it look longer and thinner.
Hairstyle Tips for Round Face 
  • You can select a short haircut that will make your face look longer. The sides would be cut short or close to the face.  
  • Layered bangs haircut also helps make a round face look longer. Better avoid straight or heavy bangs, as they tend to squeeze the face size. 
  • Curls are also good for a round-faced person, but they should be kept away from the cheeks and a single length should be maintained.  
  • In case you have natural wave in your hair, go in for gentle waves. Scrunch your hair as it dries out, so that it retains some of the waves.
  • Chin-length bob haircut is suitable for females with double chins, while the short-cropped hair length will make the short neck seem longer. 
  • A big ‘No’ to boy-cuts, as they are apt for longer facial shapes. Selecting this style will make your face look all the more fuller.
  • A lady/ girl with round face can also choose to wear her hair long. For this, she needs to get a long hairstyle in layers. 
  • Shag cut will look good on a round face, as it makes the face more slender. 
  • Long or medium-length hair, crunched up on the head, can make the face appear thinner. Highlights can be used to enhance the effect.  
  • Long, loose tendrils also go well with the round face, as they do not come anywhere near the cheeks or face of the person.
  • Soft and sleek layers style, straight medium style, wash-and-wear style, short chin length style, classic bob hair style, funky bob style and medium razor cut style are some special cuts to choose from, for women with a round face.
  • Popular hairstyles for men with round face are razor cut style, shag style, Ivy League style, jagged cut bangs style, short cut layer style and Caesar style.

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