Brunettes have a wide variety of hairstyles or hair cuts to choose from. To know about some stylish Brunette haircut styles, read on.

Brunette Hairstyles

If you thought blondes had all the fun, you are wrong. Brunettes are not behind at all. Apart from being one of the most preferred hair colors this season, brunette offers a wide variety of options to the wearers, in case they wish to change their hairstyle. However, while going in for a change, it is necessary to take care of factors like face shape, hair texture and even the amount of maintenance a hairstyle might require. Hairstyles are an excellent means of self-expression and make exquisite fashion statements as well. Longer hairstyles or cuts provide a more natural look, which is even elegant when worn down long. They can even be kept in a messy bun for formal functions, with pieces of hair slightly surrounding the face. For more on brunette hairstyles, read on.
Brunette Haircut Styles 
  • Brunettes with delicate face proportions should go for the pixie cut, which is an evergreen and classic hairstyle. The greatest advantage being low maintenance. It looks good on brunettes which have straight hair, so that its layers can frame the face well.
  • Brunettes, who have thicker wavy or curly hair, with above face shape, should go for less layered hairstyles. The length should atleast reach the shoulders. This type of hairstyle requires fair amount of maintenance. You can apply hairspray, mousse or hair gel to keep the curls in place.
  • For brunettes with fuller face, longer hairstyles will work the best. They will makes the face look longer and slimmer. The latest styles in this category for summer include shoulder-length hairstyles, with bangs brushed to the side across the face and at angle, with lots of prominent layers. This is ideal for women with straight hair.
  • Brunettes with fuller face, but with curly and wavy hair, should choose hairstyles that extend below the shoulder, with layers only around the face. These hair styles require immense maintenance in terms of drying and adding hairstyling products to eliminate frizz.
  • Another factor worth considering is whether to have bangs or not. They go well with pixie hair cut. Moreover, for brunettes, bangs should be slightly layered cut at an angle across the face. You can even have ‘not so prominent’ bangs, in the form of short layers across the face.

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