Being experimentative, teens can stylishly carry off almost any kind of hairstyle. Read to know about different cute and trendy hair styles for teenagers.

Hairstyles for Teens

With the teenagers being the most spirited and experimentative lot, they can spunkily carry off almost any kind of hairstyle. From very short spiky hairstyle to long layered hairstyle – everything looks great on a teenager. Teenagers have a tendency to go for the latest hairstyles donned by their favorite celebrities. As such, there are many and varied hairstyles for the teenagers. Mentioned below some selected hairstyles, which turned out to be a huge rage with teenagers!
Long Layered Hairstyle   
Remember style icon, Jennifer Anniston from the popular television series ‘Friends’? Her stylishly maintained long layered hairstyle proved quite popular among teenage girls. This layered hairstyle looks good on people having a long facial structure. Apart from adding volume to the hair, the layered haircut also tends to accentuate the fine bone-structure of the face.
Among the most chic and popular of teen hairstyles, the shag has been the favorite of Hollywood actress Meg Ryan for quite some time now. The shag hairstyle generally looks good on females with short to medium length hair. This hairstyle adds volume and bounce to the hair. Quite easy to maintain, the shag is a very appropriate haircut for the very active people.
Spiky Hairstyle   
The spiky hairstyle became hugely popular among the teenagers after it was donned by Hollywood actress, Halle Berry. This hairstyle looks fabulous on girls who are thin and lean with an oval face. With all the hair cut very short and arranged into spikes with the use of gel, the hairstyle is easy to maintain. Add small studs to your ears to further glam up this spiky hairstyle. 
Straight Silky Mane
Though very simple, this is one hairstyle that has always remained in fashion and will do so even in the time to come. Catherine Zeta Zones has kept a straight silky mane in varying lengths in many of her movies. One can roll the ends to add curls and waves for special occasions or tie it into a chignon. The straight hairstyle looks good on all facial structures when kept nicely maintained.

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