Bleaching your hair blonde is often a tricky task, as you need to do it with precision, while avoiding any mistakes. Explore this article to get tips on how to bleach hair blonde.

How To Bleach Hair Blonde

Many of us would agree that at some point in our life, we actually wanted to go blonde, for the reputation of being described as jazzy. Blonde hair is often synonymous to bold fashion style statement and typically “in” culture. However, it needs to be carried well, to make the right impact. And the confidence required for the same can only be experienced if the job of bleaching hair is perfectly done, as blonde hair carves out a stunning you. Getting an unblemished all over blonde hair color can be tricky, particularly if you're dealing with existing hair color from past "experiments". To get a consistent color, make sure you haven’t colored your hair for the past few weeks or else try removing the existing hair color first. To get some tips on how to bleach hair blonde, read on.
Bleaching Your Hair Blonde
Getting your hair bleached blonde at a salon can cost a fortune, so here are a few steps to reach the golden tresses at home, without damaging them. 
  • Select the bleaching agent with 20 percent peroxide, as higher volume of the same can cause irritation of the scalp. However, you can use up to 40 percent of peroxide for foiling the hair.
  • Make sure you have not colored/bleached your hair for at least 4 weeks, so that your hair doesn't get over-processed.
  • Bleach will work most effectively if the hair is completely dry and clean of products/hairspray.
  • Wear an old set of clothes that you won't mind staining. Hair bleach has a pretty harsh chemical composition and wearing a pair of gloves will protect your hands from its burning effects.
  • In a plastic bowl, combine one part hair peroxide with one part powdered hair bleach, using a plastic spoon.
  • Section your hair, starting from the back, as the volume of hair is more and darker there.
  • Now, making use of a hair brush, start applying the bleach on one section of hair, from tip to scalp. Now, cover it with foil. After it is done, move on to the next section.
  • Now, collect all your hair and pile it on the top of your head. Put a shower cap and blow dry your hair all over to keep the bleach warm. After about 10 to 15 minutes of heating, rinse out the bleach.
  • Wash your hair under lukewarm water with a shampoo. Make sure to massage the scalp well, to remove all the bleach.
  • You can apply blonde toner conditioner to your hair as well, so that all brassy and orange bits, if any, are neutralized.
  • Apply conditioner, keep it on for 20-30 minutes and then wash out. Let the hair dry naturally.
  • Do not straighten or blow-dry your hair for at least 12 hours, to prevent breaking the hair. Apply serum treatment to the hair. 
  • Dark brown and black hair is especially difficult to bleach, because such bleaching and lightening attempts can result in orange, brassy hair. Most of the hairdressers therefore discourage to use bleach as their reputation is at stake, if it turns out to be a disaster. So, it is advised to get it done with the professional hair stylists.
  • Be very careful not to get any bleach on your face or scalp. Wipe away with wet towel, if it happens accidentally. One way to protect your skin is by applying petroleum jelly or hair conditioner on the edge of your hair line.

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