Are you interested in knowing how to color hair blonde at home? Go through this article and find tips on coloring your hair blonde at home.

How To Color Hair Blonde At Home

The innovations in technology have played a great role in changing the face of humanity, literally. Now, it is possible for a person to alter his facial features (right from nose to chin), get rid of facial hair forever and even change the texture as well as the color of hair. Seeing a brunette turn into a blonde or vice-versa no longer makes us awe-struck. To top it all, it is possible to change the color of your hair at home itself. In the following lines, we have provided tips to help you in coloring your hair blonde at home.
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How To Color Hair Blonde At Home 
  • First of all, you need to decide which blonde shade will suit you the most. There are many different shades of blonde colors, each going with a different skin tone. You need to select the one that goes with your complexion the best.
  • For those whose skin has ivory, peach or cream tone, and eye color ranges from green to brown, light and warm blondes will work the best. You can go for golden blonde or a golden shade with red highlights. The same will hold true for those who have a light golden tan.
  • If you have pink skin, with cool undertones, red or golden blonde is simply off the list of colors that you can opt for. In case you have rosy pink or alabaster skin tone, with eye color ranging from light blue and gray green to blue green, cool or ash tones like platinum, silvery blonde and white blonde will work the best.
  • In case your skin tone coincides with wheat tones, then light brown shades will work the best for your hair. However, you can team them up with highlight in a lighter ash or platinum blonde shade.
  • On a generic note, golden and sunny tones will go best with your skin tone if you wear warm colors well. In case, cool colors complement your complexion, it is better to opt for beige and ash shades.
  • If you want to get a hair color that is within two shades of your natural color, you should select a shade that looks lighter, when seen on the color box, than what you desire.
  • Those who want their hair color to be more than two shades lighter than the natural one will be required to lift or strip off their natural color. Otherwise, they will not get the exact shade.
  • It is advisable to deep condition your hair a couple of days before you are planning to color your hair blonde. The day you are scheduled to apply the hair color, wash it with a clarifying shampoo or a mix of vinegar and baking soda.
  • After taking the advice of a professional, get bleach or a product specifically designed to lift off color from the hair. Make sure that you follow the directions exactly. After the bleach has done its work, your hair will turn a very strange color. Don’t panic.
  • In case you are going within two shades lighter than your natural color, you will not have to go through the previous step.
  • Now is the time when you will start applying hair color. Make sure that the color is permanent, as semi-permanent colors don't allow you to go for a lighter hair color.
  • Follow the mixing instructions provided on the color pack. Start applying the color about 1 inch from your crown and distribute it to the ends. Remember, the roots will be done last.
  • Keep the hair color for the required amount of time, as mentioned on the color pack.
  • After the required time period is over, rinse off the color thoroughly. Do not shampoo your hair. Rather, using the conditioner provided in the color pack, give it a thorough conditioning.
  • In order to maintain your hair color, you will be required to tend to your roots every three to four weeks.

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