A smelly foot is a huge embarrassment for any person. Read on to find some easy ways to prevent foot odor.

How To Get Rid of Smelly Feet

A smelly foot is a huge embarrassment for any person. They not only get the crowd attention for the wrong reason, but also tend to drive away people in close proximity. This negatively affects their confidence and they might become withdrawn and isolated. Coming down to foot odor, it is basically the result of bacteria that feed on naturally-occurring foot perspiration. The main cause for smelly feet is not the acid sweat that accumulates, as the sweat has no odor in itself. Rather, the smell is because of the bacteria, which find the perfect habitat in feet to manifest and produce foul smelling substances. The condition is known as Bromodrosis. These bacteria feed on moisture, warmth and darkness, a combination that is primarily found in your feet. In case you are also suffering from the problems, do not panic. You are not the only one who is suffering from it, since smelly feet are a common problem. At the same time, they are not impossible to treat. Want to know how to get rid of smelly feet? Read on.
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Easy Ways To Prevent Foot Odor 
  • Cleanliness is the best way to tackle any problem. Make sure you wash your feet regularly, to keep them clean. Antibacterial shoes work best in such conditions. Alternately, you can soak your feet in a mixture of vinegar and water, to get rid of the foul smell.
  • After you have properly washed your feet, make it a point that you pat them dry. Dry in between your toes as well, to prevent any moisture from remaining in your feet, as it is the prime location for the bacteria to develop.
  • Change your socks regularly. Do not repeat the same pair of socks for consecutive days.
  • Keep at least two pair of shoes at your disposal and wear them alternately. This way, you can avoid having a foul smell in your shoes as well. Make sure you keep your shoes dry. Try to shop for breathable shoes, like sandals and flip-flops, for the spring and the summer season. For the winters, try to go for canvas shoes or shoes with leather uppers, which can be easily cleaned by machine washing.
  • Prior to wearing your socks or putting on your shoes, you can sprinkle some powder between your toes and on your feet. Use mild powder, like baby powder or powder with cornstarch, in it. This will help absorb the moisture and keep your feet odor free. You can also vouch for open toed shoes, as they enhance the breathing of your feet.
  • Cotton socks are the best potions at your disposal as they help to absorb the perspiration. Do not indulge in nylon socks or shoes that are made of vinyl material. If possible, change your socks on a daily basis, as repeated wearing of the same pair of socks will lead to the increased accumulation of bacteria and
  • If your sneakers have been infected with a foul smell, make sure you throw them off immediately. Wearing shoes that transmit a bad smell would make your feet smelly as well. Also, ensure that your shoes are not too close fitted, so that your feet have ample space to breathe.
  • If the problem lingers on, go to a pharmacy to get some items that might guarantee termination of the problem. If the problem persists even after that, do not delay going to a physician or a podiatrist. He/she would be able to judge the exact problem and suggest proper remedies.

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