Balding can be very embarrassing and depressing and can make you simply a ‘butt of joke’ for many. Explore the article to find some valuable ways on how to prevent baldness.

How To Prevent Baldness

Baldness is a serious problem, as it not only alters your physical appearance, but also leaves you in low self-esteem. It can easily be embarrassing and depressing. Today, millions of men and women around the world are experiencing this problem at a younger age as well. The main reasons that account for baldness are genetic causes, nutrition-deficient diet and lots of stress. Use of chemical-based hair products is another one of the potent causes. In case you are troubled by the mere thought of balding, read on. This article brings you some very worthy tips on how to prevent baldness. Read on to know what all it takes to avert balding.
Ways To Prevent Balding
Use Quality Shampoos & Conditioners
There has to no compromise when it comes to the health of your hair. You may have to spend a little beyond what you can, to afford good quality shampoo and conditioners for your hair, but that will be certainly cheaper that any treatment you will undergo for baldness, if it strikes later on. Choose hair products that are ideal for your hair and you may seek the help of your stylist to determine that. Naturally based shampoos are a good bet to prevent baldness. Aloe Vera based shampoos are also a healthy choice for your hair.
Eat Healthy
A healthy diet is the panacea for most of the skin and hair problems. A nutritious diet, packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals, will prove to be very effective in preventing baldness, unless it’s for genetic reasons. Various stages of baldness can be encountered if there is a deficiency of magnesium, zinc, vitamin B as well as iron in your body. Make sure that you include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet, to supply you with all that is needed to prevent baldness. Foods such as cucumber, potato, even red peppers are rich in silica and iron and help prevent baldness.
Lifestyle Changes
Your lifestyle has a significant bearing on your overall health and hair as well. If your daily routine is too stressful to allow you any peace of mind or rest, it may be the most potent cause of your baldness. In this case, it is important to introduce some changes in your lifestyle, to allow you some time for relaxing and rejuvenating. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation will help you relieve stress and achieve a positive and healthy mind.
Aromatherapy can help you prevent baldness, as it works very favorably for many people. The oils obtained from bay, cedar wood, grapefruit, jojoba, lavender, lemon, rosemary, thyme and Roman chamomile are used for hair massages, which are known to be very effective against balding. Crudoleum is a treatment in which unrefined crude oil is rubbed into the scalp, to prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth, by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. However, the results are only to be seen after a few months.
Take Vitamin B Supplements
Vitamin B is extremely essential for our hair health. Biotin is one of the many B vitamins that promote healthy growth of hair. You can take supplements for these vitamins from any of the drug stores. Compliment this with olive oil hair massage, which promotes better circulation of blood in the scalp. However, it is advisable to seek the recommendation from a professional, before deciding your daily dosage of biotin. You can also include foods rich in vitamin B in your diet.

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