Boy shorts are the latest style of lingerie for women and are becoming a hot favorite already. With this article, learn how to buy boy shorts.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are the new style of lingerie for women, which are becoming increasingly popular. They are similar to the shorts which men wear and hence, are named boy shorts. They cover the buttocks area and potentially eliminate any visible panty lines, thereby making women more comfortable. Boy shorts have become a comfortable alternative to thongs or conventional panties. They can even be worn as a loungewear, especially when teamed with a camisole. The shorts are available in different varieties, ranging from the comfortable cotton ones to the sexy satin ones. Browse through the rest of the article and learn how to buy boy shorts.
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How to Buy Boy Shorts
  • While deciding on the type of boy shorts you want to buy, keep in mind the kind of clothes you wear. If you wear tight body fitting clothes, you will require boy shorts which are made from a slinky material and are seamless. If you indulge in low rise pants and skirts, low rise boy shorts will be just the perfect choice, as they protect you even when you bend.
  • The choice of fabric is an important consideration. Cotton is the right choice and the healthiest of all, as it reduces the risk of yeast infections and is the most comfortable also. If you want some sexy boy shorts, go for satin or lycra. They are sexy and lay flat against your skin, potentially eliminating any visible panty lines.
  • It is very important to notice the seaming of boy shorts. Ensure that they do not have thick seaming along the waist and leg holes, as a thick seaming will be visible through the clothes you wear.
  • Embellishments like ribbons, lace, beads and rhinestones do make boy shorts cuter and sexier, but they will make your panties more visible beneath your clothes.
  • If you are buying boy shorts for the first time, do not buy in bulk. Instead get just one piece and try it. If you feel comfortable with the particular design and style, you can always go and buy another. However, if they ride up or are not comfortable, you must try a different version or size.

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