Hosiery is one of those items that have become essential in the wardrobe of every woman, especially in the west. The tips provided in this buying guide will let you know how to buy hosiery.

How To Buy Hosiery

Hosiery is the term used in context of knitted coverings, which are worn on legs and feet. It is believed that it was a man who wore hosiery for the first time. However, with time, the item started being associated with women only. In the 16th century, King Henry II of France introduced hosiery in his court. Three centuries later, the item had become an essential in the wardrobe of nearly every woman in the United States. Today, hosiery is being made and purchased widely, across the world. In case you have not yet discovered the garment on your own and want to get some tips for buying it, make use of the information provided in the lines below.
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How to Buy Hosiery 
  • There are a number of reasons why hosiery is worn by women. For instance, you might wear it for keeping your legs warm in the winter or for accentuating your curved, sexy legs. So, before you go to buy hosiery, be sure of the purpose that it is intended to serve. This is because hosiery is made of a number of materials and styles, depending upon the reason you want to wear them for.
  • Next, ascertain the duration and the frequency with which you are planning to wear the hosiery. In case you want it for one-time use and that too for a very short duration, go for the cheaper brands. On the other hand, if it meant to be worn more than once, established brands, though expensive, are the best. Remember, hosiery is fairly visible and enhances your appeal. So, go for the best!
  • After deciding on the purpose and brand, it is the time to ascertain the style of the hosiery. While tights go right from the legs to the waist, knee-highs go only till your knee. Then, there are stockings that have variations and go anywhere, from mid-calf to the upper calf, in length. Hold-ups are available in the length varying from thigh level to mid-thigh.
  • The material of the hosiery is another aspect that you need to take into consideration. Nylon is the most durable thread, as far as hosiery is concerned, and is known for its resistance, dimensional stability, elasticity, quick-drying and easy washing characteristics. On the other hand, there is silk, which is the most elastic one and also boasts of smoothness, strength, and luster.
  • Hosiery can also be used to provided control or support, or both, to the wearer. The control top tights are intended to provide additional support at the stomach and also hold the tummy in. Then, there are the ones that provide support to your buttocks and, at times, also provide uplift at the area. Hosiery with combination of control and support is also available in the market.
  • The last thing that you need to check is the quality of the hosiery, which is measured in terms of 'denier', in case of rayon and nylon hosiery, and in term of thread, in case of silk hosiery. As the denier or thread number decreases, the quality of the hosiery increases and it becomes finer and sheerer in appearance. The '70 denier' or '7 thread' hosiery will be almost opaque and you will not be able to see your skin tone through it.

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