If you are looking for instructions on the best way of teasing your hair, this is just the article for you. Go through the lines that follow and know how to tease your hair.

How To Tease Hair

With the party season on, comes the need for new dresses, new shoes, new handbags, and so on. While most of the females are concerned about the attire, hardly a few remember to pay much attention to their hairstyle. You will often find them wearing the same hairstyle to almost each and every party. While some consider it bothersome to style hair differently each time, there are others who fall short of ideas for the same. In case you belong to the latter category, we are here to your rescue. Some of the options for styling your hair include teasing, back combing, French lacing and cushioning the hair. In the following lines, we have provided instructions on the best way to tease your hair.
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How to Tease Hair 
  • Before beginning to work with your hair, you need to wash it properly. Thereafter, let it air-dry and brush, to remove the tangles. Never ever tease wet hair, as it might lead to tearing and damage.
  • If you have the time and patience, curl your hair before you start the teasing procedure, unless it is the beehive look you are aspiring for.
  • With the help of a tail-comb, separate a single strand or section of hair, possibly 1 inch wide. Use clips to secure the rest of the hair. It is better to start at the crown and then move downwards.
  • Firmly holding up the strand with one hand, gently brush against it. Make sure to keep a distance of approximately five inches from the scalp.
  • As you continue holding up the strand, lightly brush towards the scalp. Make sure that you create tangles that offer resistance. However, don’t use so much strength that hair breaks or the brush gets tangled in hair.
  • Keep on repeating the brushing, known as teasing, till you feel that you have attained the desired volume.
  • After this, use some hairspray on the teased section and let it down gently.
  • Using the tips of the brush, lightly brush the un-teased section of the strand, making sure that you keep away from the teased section.
  • Keeping the teased strand aside, repeat the procedure on other strands, till the entire hair has been teased.
  • In case you want additional volume, scrunch the hair after the teasing is complete.

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