Getting your eyebrow pierced is considered to be quite safe, provided you choose the right piercer and take proper aftercare. Read on to get tips on how to get an eyebrow piercing.

How To Get An Eyebrow Piercing

One of the most common types of body piercing undertaken today, eyebrow piercing is mostly done vertically. It might be undertaken anywhere along the eyebrow, from directly above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow. Since it is much less prone to irritants, this type of piercing is considered to be one of the safest. However, there is a demerit of the piercing as well - even after healing, the piercing can close within 24-48 hours of removal of the jewelry. In case you are wondering how to get an eyebrow piercing, the tips given in the following lines will prove to be of great help.
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Getting Your Eyebrow Pierced 
  • First of all, you will have to choose a reputed eyebrow piercer, who holds a license and has been in the business for quite sometime. If any of your friends also has had a piercing done and is happy with his/her piercer, you can try going to the same person.
  • Visit the eyebrow piercer and make sure that he/she works with sterilized equipment and disposable hollow needles. Also ensure that while undertaking the piercing work, he/she wears latex gloves, that too a new one for each client.
  • You should check the quality of the piercing jewelry. This is because any lapse on this part can have serious repercussions later on, mainly in terms of infection. While you are at this, ascertain the type of aftercare provided by the piercer.
  • Now is the time to go for your eyebrow piercing appointment! Do make sure that you wear a button-down shirt for the same. This way, you will not have to pull a shirt over your head, which might irritate the newly-done piercing and create trouble.
  • Do make sure to take along clips as well as a ponytail holder for the piercing appointment. This will help keep your hair off your face, during the piercing procedure as well as afterwards (till the time your eyebrow piercing heals completely).
  • It would be advisable to close your eyes when the piercing procedure begins. Watching it might make you tense up or jerk, in turn causing unnecessary pain or even incorrect piercing. Keeping yourself calm and relaxed is utmost necessary.
  • After your piercing is complete, it is very important to ask the piercer for aftercare advice. The piercing will take anywhere between six and eight weeks to heal completely. During this time, it will be susceptible to infection and require utmost care on your part. 
  • Resist the urge of touching the piercing time and again, as it might result in infections. Your fingers should come in contact with it only when you are cleaning it.
  • Make sure to dry the piercing with a clean tissue paper, after having a bath. However, you should only pat it dry and restrain yourself form rubbing it.
  • Stick to the aftercare prescribed by your piercer, Do not try to use any products other than those recommended by him/her.

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