Caring for permed hair requires you to undertake some extra efforts on your part. Go through this article and get instructions on how to care for permed hair.

Caring for Permed Hair

After mulling over the procedure for quite a long time, you finally decided to throw caution to the wind and get your hair permed. Now, as you move around sporting the new look, compliments (and more compliments) follow. While perming surely give you a new look altogether, it presents you with additional responsibilities as well. Permed hair requires much more care on your part, as compared to normal hair, mainly because of the chemicals used in the process. Caring for permed hair, though not an arduous task, would surely require you to undertake some extra efforts. In this context, you will find the tips provided in the following lines to be quite handy and useful.
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How To Care For Permed Hair
Quality Products
One of the main tips that you need to keep in mind, in case you have got your hair permed, is to make use of quality products. While buying shampoo and conditioner, make sure to opt for a good brand. At the same time, go for hair products specifically meant for permed hair.
Shampoo Frequency
Since perming requires your hair to undergo chemical treatment, it tends to get drier than usual and needs the natural oils produced by your scalp. So, keep the shampooing frequency limited to 3 times per week. In case you have to wet your hair in-between, make sure to condition only (do not shampoo).
The Frizz Problem
Even if your hair is healthy, dryness can easily make it frizzy. To keep frizz at bay (and even make the detangling process easy), it would be advisable to make use of a leave-in conditioner. Again, make sure that the conditioner belongs to a good brand and is meant for permed hair only.
Fly Away Trouble
Permed hair often becomes victim to the problem of fly aways, another consequence of dry hair. Using a serum would be the best bet for controlling them. You can also make use of gel and mousse, but they might make the curls crunchy and sticky.
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Perming involves restructuring the hair and in the process, often strips it of natural oils. This makes it important for you to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at least once in a week, if not more frequently. Along with that, you can also
Weather Protection
Try to stay out of heavy wind as well as harsh sunlight as much as possible, as both of them can dry out your hair and make it fragile. In case you have to go out in such weather, make sure to cover your hair completely. This will provide protection to your hair, to quite an extent.
Drying Permed Hair
After you have washed your hair, it is advisable to let it dry naturally (air-dry). As far as possible, try to stay away from blow-dryer, as it will make your hair exceedingly dry. After letting your hair air-dry, make sure to pull the curl into place, by resorting to a pick or a wide-toothed comb.

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