Well-done eyebrows not only add definition to one's face, but also make for a fashion statement. Check out the following tips on how to do eyebrow makeup to get started.

Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Does attaining those perfect eyebrows look seemingly impossible just like having a zero size figure? If you have expended your precious time, trying to figure out the secret behind the perfect arches of famous celebs and ramp queens, know that it doesn’t always takes an expert touch to get perfect eyebrows. Agreed, eyebrow shaping may not be one of the easiest things to do, but with a little know-how you, too, can get fantastic arches, with just a stroke of a pencil. Eyebrows have been clearly touted as one of the most defining aspects of one’s features. Shapeless, messy eyebrows are a clear no-no when it comes to making a fashion statement. If you have been dying to get those elegant, long trimmed eyebrows, reading the below mentioned tips may do the trick for you. You will need eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, brow gels and soft wedge brush to get started. Read on to know more on how to style your eyebrows and be a stunner.
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How To Do Eyebrow Makeup
  • Before you get on to the task of styling your brows, don’t forget to tweeze out the unwanted hair to add definition to your looks and get flatteringly arched eyebrows. You can ask your beautician to get you the perfect arches or get it done on your own. However, take caution not to over tweeze your brows, as it might leave you with awfully thin brows that may not make for a very happy sight.
  • Prep up your eyebrows before makeup with an astringent. Proper cleaning of the area is must to ensure that your brows are squeaky clean and all set for makeup. Just dip a cotton swab in astringent and clean the brows with light, gentle strokes.
  • The next step is to find the right colored eyebrow pencil that closely resembles your brow. Once you have laid your hands on one, go on to arch your brows to get that perfect shape. Keep the pencil close to the natural arch line. If you don’t have an arch, just fake one by simply lifting your brow. Draw the tail outwards and avoid lining the outside edges, if you already have thick brows.
  • Not everyone is lucky enough to be endowed with those naturally dense and large eyebrows like teen icon Brooke Shields. Women with short, thin, scarce brows can use eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse areas to feign a more natural arch. Using a perfectly sharpened eyebrow pencil, make light, quick strokes and then dab up the flaws with some brow powder. Flick the extra powder with a light brush. For more thin brows, pencil the edges to get a thick appeal.
  • For a heightened more matte effect, you can dab some eyebrow powder of the same color as that of your brows or a shade darker. Just dip a soft wedge brush or thin liner brush into the powder and apply it on the width of the brow, the tail and around the nose using small feathery strokes. Sponge off the extra powder for a cleaner look. Finish the look with a slightly hued eyebrow gel.

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