Incorrect method of applying an eyebrow pencil can spoil your entire look. Find out tips for applying eyebrow pencil.

How To Apply Eyebrow Pencil

An important part of your eye cosmetics, an eyebrow pencil can bring a dramatic change to your face, if used correctly. It highly accentuates your forehead and lends more expression to your eyes. With a defined pair of brows, the face assumes proper balance and gravity. If you have sparse eyebrows, an eyebrow pencil is something you can never afford to overlook. Moreover, the length, thickness and arch of your eyebrows highly contribute to your overall facial beauty. Thus, an eyebrow pencil, when used incorrectly, can leave a churlish expression on your face. Learn this step-by-step procedure of how to apply an eyebrow pencil, so that you get those stares for all the right reasons.
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How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil
Things Required
  • Brow Brush or Toothbrush
  • Brow Gel or Hairspray
  • Cotton
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Make-up Brush
  • Mirror 
  • First, take a clean make-up brush and lightly dust it over your eyebrows to remove any traces of foundation or face powder from them. You can also wipe them with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol if your brow area is too oily.
  • Place your eyebrow pencil vertically over the eyebrow and start from the inner corner of the eye. Make sure you do not use the pencil too close to the inner brow.
  • Use soft and featherlike strokes from the inner corner of the eyebrow till the arch to outline them. Use light upward-outward strokes, as you draw fine lines between the brow hairs. Apply a bit more pressure when you define the underside of your brow.
  • Use the brow brush and carefully groom your brow, if it is not properly trimmed. It will soften the color and provide a natural look to your eyebrows.
  • After filling up your eyebrows, pluck stubborn hairs that are visible outside the defined brow with the help of tweezers. You may also hold them in place with the help of a brow gel.
  • You can also apply the above tip by using a soft toothbrush smeared with some hairspray and comb it through the brow. It too helps to hold unruly hair in place.
  • Lightly powder your brows against the direction of your hair. Remove excess powder by running a soft make-up brush over your brows with a few quick strokes. Finally, shape your brows with the help of a brow brush. 
  • Instead of sharpening your eyebrow pencil before each application, try pinching the tip for a few seconds with your thumb and index finger. The heat from your fingers will press the lead of the pencil and automatically provide you with a perfect end.
  • See that the tip of the pencil is always fine and dry. Wipe the tip lightly over a tissue before every use. It will provide you with a clean end. The slightly blunted point of the pencil will also help you in giving that natural look to your brows.
  • Pick a pencil that matches the normal color of your brows or is closest in shade with the color of your hair. Ask the salesperson for assistance and guidance.
  • Use a pencil that is neither too soft nor too hard. A hard pencil is difficult to use and a pencil that is too soft will leave smudges on your brows. Choose a proper pencil to draw your eyebrows.
  • Never ever try drawing your eyebrows with a single stroke of the pencil. Instead of a beautiful pair of brows; you will end up with two overpowering black lines on your face.

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