Dyeing eyebrows becomes essential if you are dyeing your hair a little too many shade different. Read on to know more about eyebrow dye.

How To Dye Eyebrows

Today hair dyeing has become a common thing. You see people dyeing their hair left and right; even teenagers too dye their hair. Dyeing the hair may be because of various reasons, to get the trendiest hairstyle or to hide greys or some people even use this as a way to hide their natural hair color, which for some reasons they don’t fancy. However, with the increased popularity of hair dyeing, the dyeing of eyebrows remains a taboo. People usually stay away from coloring their eyebrows. One reason of this wariness may be the notice issued by the Food and Drug Administration, which have prohibited the promotion of eyebrow dyes. Ideally, the color of the eyebrows should be the same as that of hair. Although dyeing an eyebrow should not be done all the time, you can do it when you are going several shades lighter than your real hair color. Imagine a blond hair with black eyebrows and you would know why the eyebrows dyes are essential in today’s world. Changing an eyebrow color to that of the hair would only improve our overall look. However, it should always be done under a professional consultant or in a beauty salon; otherwise it can pose a serious threat to your eyes. There are several things, which you need to know before you decide to color your eyebrows. Read on to know how to dye eyebrows.
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Applying Eyebrow Dye
  • While dyeing eyebrows you need to be very careful. The first thing, which you need to keep in mind, is the color of your hair. Depending on the color of your hair, you can purchase eyebrow dye. Always go for a reputed brand of dye.
  • There are two variants for eyebrow dyes, these are permanent dye and dye tint. If you are applying eyebrow dye for the first time, it is always better to go for dye tint.
  • Never in any case use eyebrow dye if you are suffering from any kind of eye problem. Also in the case of first time use, you can always take professional help instead of doing DIY (do it yourself).
  • Also if you are wary of using dye for eyebrows, you can also use your bleach which will help in lighting the color of your brows without much difficulty. However, in this case always use your regular bleaching cream and apply a very small amount over your eyebrows, and let it set for only one minute and wash it off with water.
  • You could also purchase permanent eyebrow dye but you need to check before 48 hours for skin sensitive test otherwise it can sting and cause irritation to the eyes and even can be hazardous to the eyes.
  • Never in any case use the hair dyes on your eyebrows. Using these hair dyes can give a very bad look to your eyebrows and may even cause potential eye hazards.
  • Even though you are dyeing your eyebrows with eyebrow dye, you need to do a lot of preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly. Wash your face with a mild soap and pat it dry.
  • Now tie your hair away in a ponytail and put a headband on it so that it doesn’t come in way when you are dyeing your
  • Dying your eyebrows requires a small amount of necessary preparation, to ensure things go smoothly. Start by cleaning your face with a mild soap. Dry your skin completely. Place your hair in a headband and ponytail away from your face.
  • Now with the help of a Q-tip, outline your eyebrows with petroleum jelly. Make sure that you don’t get any eyebrow hairs on it. Outlining with a petroleum jelly would prevent the dye from staining the skin around the eyebrows.
  • Apply the dye carefully and make sure that the eyebrows are neatly dyed without dripping. After you have applied the dye, leave the dye for fifteen minutes or the time the brand suggests. Although ideally fifteen minutes should be enough for coloring eyebrows.
  • Now take a wet paper towel or wash cloth and pat it on the eyebrows to remove the dye carefully. After you have removed most of it, splash your face with water to remove the rest of the dye. Make sure to close your eyes while you are washing your face in order not to get any dye water in your eyes.

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