Everyone desires for sleek, well cared fingernails. With this article, find out the different types/kinds of nails that a person can possess.

Types Of Nails

Often when we see a woman with long, shiny and well painted nails, we assume her to be very classy and chic. Such women can flaunt their nails for different reasons. While one reason may be well cared and pretty nails, the other could be an indication of a well-groomed woman who is taking care of her overall appearance. However, the last and best reason for lustrous nails could a sign of healthy woman. While some women are lucky enough to have pink, smooth and healthy nails, others often complain of broken, soft and flimsy nails. If you happen to take a look at some of your friends’ or colleagues’ nails, you will be surprised to find each one having unique shaped fingernails. While some are square, some may be round, yet others can even be flat at the top or crooked. With the following lines, find out the different kinds of nails that people can have.
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Different Kinds Of Nails
Dry Nails
Simply run your thumb over your nails and you will feel the dryness on them. Instead of sliding smoothly and cleanly, your thumb will drag slowly and slightly. This is what defines dry nails. They look dull and lack the luster and shine of otherwise healthy and shiny nails. The best way to treat such nails is to keep them re-hydrated with vitamin E.
Brittle Nails
Brittle nails lack moisture and flexibility and break easily whenever bashed on something even light and soft. Brittle nails can be recognized by pressing both the sides of the nails together gently. In case they bend easily, your nails are fine, however, if they do not bend, they are probably brittle. Most people reach for nail hardeners to treat such nails, but this is the worst thing that a person can do, as doing so can make the nails even more rigid and stiff. Hence, the best way to treat brittle nails and improve their flexibility is to massage the nails with almond oil every night before resorting to bed.
Damaged Nails
All nails that flake or split out are termed as damaged nails. The most common cause behind such a problem is dehydration. Thus, keeping the nails constantly hydrated is the best remedy for treating damaged nails. This can be achieved by applying a basecoat, before you move outdoors or indulge in any activity. Also, apply cuticle oil twice a day to make sure that the new cells growing are strong and healthy, unlike those flaking and splitting ones.
Soft Nails
Nails that easily bend at the slightest touch and do not grow past the fingertips are called soft nails. Such nails have to be protected from water and dust particles, which can otherwise make the nails even softer. For people with such nails, a piece of advice—always wear gloves while working in water and apply hand cream every time you expose your hands to water. You can harden your nails by rubbing a little essential oil from elemi into your nails.
Normal Nails
Normal nails can be distinguished by pink and shiny appearance, and easy and healthy growth. Moreover, normal nails bend slightly when pressed a little bit. Though such nails are naturally healthy, they can be maintained by moisturizing regularly with hand cream. Also, keep your hands away from harsh detergents and extremely hot water else, it can damage your healthy nails, converting them into brittle, soft and broken nails. 

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