Check out the following tips on how to reduce facial wrinkles from your skin and say good bye to ageing.

How To Prevent Facial Wrinkles

Have you ever wondered what makes Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston so drop-dead gorgeous? Well, it’s their perfect radiant, age-defying complexion that makes these pretty ladies so breathtakingly beautiful, even at the age of forty! Ageing is just as inevitable as everything else, but it becomes a bother when it bosoms into our lives, leaving those unwanted lines of wisdom on our face, making one look rightfully older than one’s age. While for some the wrinkles may be a sign of their growing wisdom, for most others, the lines are nothing but annoying reminder of their ticking age. It’s likely for one to freak out at the sign of ageing and run for jars of anti-ageing skin creams and botox for a permanent remedy. While all the creams and surgeries do little to banish the wrinkles away, a healthy lifestyle and an early start can keep all the unnecessary lines and expenses away. Check out these easy and effective tips on how to reduce skin wrinkles and enjoy a more gorgeous looking you. Read on for more.
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Tips To Prevent Facial Wrinkles
Stub The Fag!
You have grown up hearing that smoking is injurious to health, but did you know that smoking is equally damaging for your skin? Smoking is known to speed-up ageing, thus causing the skin to groove and wilt overtime. Smoking ejects large amount of free radicals that breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin and causes it to wrinkle.
Smile More, Frown Less!
Did you know that frowning, squinting and puckering can cause our skin to crease much faster than you had ever imagined? Wrinkling your brows, eyes and even your lips every off and on causes the facial muscles to overwork, thereby forming grooves. So, the best would be to smile more and frown less, for better looking, age-defying skin.
Lie Straight!
Sometimes something as simple as your sleeping position can cause your skin to furrow. Wonder how! Sleeping on your side or upside down often leads to the formation of sleeping lines that gets etched on the skin. The best way to avert those unwanted lines and creases is to rest on your back. The more your face is in contact with pillow, the higher the chances of developing wrinkles faster.
Say ‘NO’ To Sun!
We all love to soak up sun, but most often this sunny indulgence costs our skin dearly! Sun is known to do more harm than good to our skin and is one of the major reasons behind those age lines. It’s important to shun the sun as much possible, especially from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the sun rays are harshest. Don’t forget to slather generous amount of sunscreen with the right SPF content, before stepping out in the sun. Also, it is important to gear your eyes and carry an umbrella every time you step out.
Feed Your Skin!
Moisturizing and exfoliating your skin keeps wrinkles away! Feed your skin with dollops of hydrating moisturizer each day to slow ageing and flaunt a radiant skin. It is equally important to exfoliate, as it tends to eliminate the dead dry skin, leaving you with softer, healthy skin. Don’t forget to pamper your skin with a nourishing cream or lotion after scrubbing.
Doze Off To Health!
Now, here’s good news for the snoozers! It’s proven that eight hours of sleep can banish all your beauty woes, leaving you look great and young for long. When asleep, the body releases high growth hormones that are known to boost skin elasticity. Lack of sleep can cause your skin to wince with wrinkle and form dark circles. So, don’t forget to indulge in eight hours of sleep every day to look and feel good.
Eat Right!
You will be surprised to see how eating right can maximize your skin health, leaving you looking young and glowing for days to come. Nothing pampers your skin better than the right kind of food. A nutritious diet, stacked with vitamins, minerals and proteins, is the best cure to keep the ageing away. It’s equally important to guzzle gallons of water to keep the skin hydrated from within. So, eat and drink right to be a total head-turner and keep signs of ageing away!
Makeup Blues!
You will be surprised to know how makeup can quicken ageing! Makeup blocks the skin, giving it little freedom to breathe. Sleeping with makeup on is possibly one of the biggest beauty sins that deserve to be dumped. Blush and tone your features only when going out for a special evening or event. Allow your skin some room to breathe. It will love you for that!

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