Wrinkles are probably the most dreaded signs of ageing that show up as ugly lines on one’s face. Check out tips on how to reduce facial wrinkles.

Tips To Reduce Facial Wrinkles

Droopy, saggy, wrinkled skin looks cute on pugs, but the same cannot be said for humans, as these unwanted creases and folds usually come saddled with increasing age. Wrinkles are perhaps the most inevitable signs of ageing, which surface as deep lines on the face and are extremely unflattering to one’s beauty. Wrinkles can amaze you with the way they gradually creep into your face, leaving you freaked out at times. While there is no known remedy to avert this ageing skin woe, sometimes a quick fix like Botox and generous slathering of anti-ageing creams can do the trick for you. It goes without saying how a good diet, plenty of sleep and a little bit of extra skin care can save you the laugh-lines and crow’s feet. An early skin care is indeed the way to beat this beauty bummer, but a late start too can help you avert wrinkles for good. To check out a few tips on how to reduce facial wrinkles, read on.
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How To Reduce Facial Wrinkles
Sunscreen Magic!
Wrinkles can get you raiding the market shelves for that quick-fix anti-ageing creams that never comes cheap. Why spend big on expensive creams and lotions, when something as simple as sunscreen can save your day and keep the wrinkles away. Sun is one of the major reasons that causes our skin to age prematurely. Just pick up a hydrating sun block with high SPF content and slather it generously over your face, before you go out into the sun.
Splash Well!
While cleansing your face every day is a must, rinsing it well is twice as essential. Remember to rinse off all traces of cleanser from your face, at the time of washing, as any soapy leftovers of cleansers on your skin can dry it up and cause it to age before time. To beat the ageing blue, take care to wash your face well every time you foam.
Humidify It!
Long hours in air-conditioner or heater can leave your skin squeezed out of moisture, making it feel parched and dry, thereby accelerating ageing. Thus, it is important to have a humidifier around to retain the moisture in the air and save your skin from wilting away before time.
Kick The Habit!
While ageing is inevitable, habits like alcohol and smoking often causes one to look much older than one’s age. Alcohol strips off the skin of all its moisture, leaving it dehydrated and worn out. Smoking too causes the skin to wrinkle by breaking skin elasticity and developing lines, wrinkles and age spots all over the face. To prevent the horror, kick the habit now.
Think Before You Choose!
Almost all of us unthinkingly pick our creams, lotions and moisturizers without little care or contemplation over what actually goes into it. Most creams come laden with multitudes of harmful chemicals like Parabens and Mineral oil that not only damages the skin, but also exposes one to the risk of skin cancer. Anti-ageing skin comes loaded with collagen, which are often too big to be absorbed by the skin. Thus, most of it goes unused by the skin. Before grabbing a jar of anti-ageing cream next time, don’t forget to check out for the contents.
Go Natural!
No amount of skin moisturizers and anti-ageing creams can benefit your skin the way natural ingredients can and it is a pity to see how few people actually resort to natural means to restore youth in their skin. You can use avocado oil instead of expensive creams to smooth the age lines and keep your skin supple. Almond oil and olive oil are equally good bets for fighting wrinkles.

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