Facial sagging can lead towards a downslide in your confidence. Read the article below to learn more on preventing facial sagging.

How To Prevent Facial Sagging

To prevent people from classifying you as an antique, because of you showing all the telltale signs of aging, it is of utmost importance for you to prevent your face resembling that of a bulldog. Granted that you are young at heart but when you carry your birth certificate in your face, you can’t blame the people for thinking about your end. As people approach their 60’s, the stress and anxiety of a lifetime becomes visible on the face. If you have a sagging face in your 40’s, imagine how you will be, if you manage to reach the 70’s. To accept it as it is, is not the solution. You can go in for surgeries and other medication but these are very expensive. The best way is to develop a daily routine of facial exercises and massage. It will be wrong to assume that only those who have facial sagging should do this exercise. It is all the more important for the young to cultivate a habit of facial exercises, so that 30 to 40 years down the line you don’t wake up one morning and fail to recognize the person staring at you from the mirror. In the article below are various ways in which you can prevent facial sagging.
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Tips On Preventing Facial Sagging
Facial Exercises
  • In the morning, fill your mouth with air and then blow it slowly. Practice this easy exercise 4-5 times, to keep the cheeks toned and glowing.
  • To stretch the muscles around your mouth, close the lips. Now move your mouth to the left and then to the right. Do this 3 – 4 a day.
  • Relax the eyebrows by pulling them up and down to the count of 15.
  • Push the nose in such a way as to lift it and then take in the air, leave the nose down and then release the air.
  • Exercise your eyes by moving them in a circular motion. Roll the eyeballs from the left to upwards and then from the right to downwards. Do this at least five times a day.
  • Withdraw your lips inside your mouth and then take in the air. Breathe out after a few seconds and then leave the lips. Do this also at least five times.
  • Increase the blood circulation by tapping the face slowly and lightly with the fingertips.
  • To exercise the entire facial muscles, make motions as if you are chewing a gum. It is better to pop in a gum, couple of times a day as chewing exercises the entire facial muscles.
  • Make a broad smile and hold it for a few seconds and then release. So, smile as much as you can.
  • Using the thumb stroke the cheeks up and down to control the double chin.
  • Close the mouth and blow the cheeks out. Keep for few seconds and then suck in your cheeks. Do this four to five times a day. 

Facial Massage

Use your fingertip to slide across the forehead, starting from the centre to the temple, and apply gentle pressure. Then slide the fingers back to the centre again. Do this six times for three sets.
Clamp your thumb and forefinger on the inner hollow of the eyes. Now applying gentle pressure, slide it down the sides of the nose. Another method is to use the left hand fingers to massage the right side of the nose and vice versa.
Massage the area around the nostrils in an upward and downward fashion with a little pressure. Massage at least six times.
Move your fingers along the lower lip outward and upward so as to lift the corners of the mouth. After a few seconds, gently release. Repeat three times.
Use the fingers to lightly tap the cheeks to increase the blood circulation. Now using the palm, massage the chin to the earlobe, in a circular fashion. Then glide the fingers to the corner of the mouth and glide it back to the temples. Repeat for three times.
Massage Types That Prevent Sagging
Using the palm gently skim the entire face in a circular way.
Pat the face with the fingers by slapping the face lightly.
Rub the whole face in such a way that you exercise the skin by pulling.
Use the fingertips to poke the face gently. 

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