Hair wraps up a face and stylish haircuts can compliment the polished look you have put together for a business meeting. Read the article to know hairstyle ideas for business professionals.

Hairstyles For Business Professional

Stylish haircuts can improve your business image by improving your looks. For a businessperson, hairstyles should be neat and clean, as his / her appearance is the first thing to be noticed in the business world. Men should normally go for short haircuts, as they leave plenty of room for creative personality. As for women, there are different haircuts that are perfect to wear to office, no matter whether they have short, medium or long hair. It is not always easy to choose the perfect haircut for your exact style, but you will surely enjoy picking out a great haircut from the list of hairstyles for business professionals, as given below. Do have a look at the different hair styles for both men and women.
Stylish Business Hairstyle Ideas
  • A Caesar haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for businessmen. The back and sides are tapered short, while the top hair is layered and combed forward into little bangs.
  • A versatile basic conservative cut also works well by clipping the high sides cut and cutting the top shear to maintain some length.
  • Opt for a classy and rough look, as it goes well with almost any type of clothing. It also gives your look an illusion of relaxation.
  • Go for a crew cut, where your hair is just around, below, or above 1-inch mark. Set the back of hair using gel and keep the front slanted upward.
  • The classic bob can be an appropriate look for the office. Leave the front hair long and stack the back.
  • Get a softer bob by creating soft curls on the bottom, using a curling iron. Get hold of large portions of hair and curl for less than 30 seconds, to get a wavy look rather than a curl.
  • To give your short hair a strong and serious look, work a dime-size amount of pomade through your hair to accentuate the layers in your haircut. The pomade will give your layers a more defined look.
  • For your medium length hair, you can create a modern French twist. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail close to your neck. Set the loose ends or layers into the ponytail using hair gel. Holding the hair with one hand, twist the ponytail at the back of your head, using the other hand. Secure the fully twisted hair with a claw clip.
  • Set your hair in a loose bun, with few tendrils falling on each side of your face. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail towards the middle of your head. Using bobby pins and pomade, pin up your hair back and tuck in the ends underneath the ponytail. Set out a few strands of hair around your face and the back and sides with industrial strength hairspray.
  • A classic professional style for long hair would be a sleek ponytail, using your own hair to conceal the ponytail holder. Tie a ponytail using a hair-colored ponytail holder. Use a small section of your ponytail to wrap around the ponytail holder to give the illusion that you have tied your ponytail using your own hair.
  • You can wear your hair down by setting rollers in your hair. Wash your hair the night before and roll up your entire head in soft, flexible rollers. Dry your hair in the morning with a dryer, to dry all your curls. Run your fingers through your hair and add a small amount of hair spray to complete the look.

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