Have you often found yourself wondering how to get the perfume last longer? If yes, then go through this article and get tips to make your perfume scent last long.

How To Get The Perfume Last Longer

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear a perfume has no future”. All right, she went a little far, but the idea behind the quote remains the same. Women like to wear perfume and many of them cannot even step out of house without it. However, getting a perfect perfume, which compliments you, is a tough job. Nevertheless, after months of going through the catalogues, surfing the net and hours of rummaging in the street, you finally find a perfect perfume. Yet, there is one hitch. It evaporates very fast and you don’t know how to make it last long. You can’t throw your favorite perfume bottle, since you love its smell and cost you quite an amount. It’s also not possible for you to carry it around to spray it every time the smell evaporates. Now, what to do? We will tell you! We have brought out some tips that can help you know how to make your perfume scent last long. Read on to find out.
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Tips To Make Perfume Scents Last Longer 
  • Fragrances, in general, need some base to stick on and that is why people with oilier skin tend to retain fragrance longer than people with dry skin. To make your perfume last longer, try applying it on the oilier parts of your body. Hairline is a good option and between the breasts is an excellent place to keep the fragrance intact.
  • If you want your perfume scent to last couple of hours, try layering it with different perfumes of the same fragrance. Also with that, you can use soaps, creams or body wash in the same aroma, which will help the perfume retain the smell for longer.
  • Perfumes with light spray tend to evaporate easily. So, buy perfumes in rich sensual fragrance. The most known fact of making a perfume last longer is to spray it on the pulse-points. These areas produce heat, which in turn release the fragrance of the perfume, making it last longer. The wrists, temples, base of the throat, bend of the elbow and between the breasts are all the pulse points and you should spray perfume there.
  • You should spray the perfume just after having a shower, as the pores are open at that time and your body is moisturized. It will surely last long. Some people suggest spraying the perfume only after you’ve put moisturizing lotion on your body. If you prefer moisturizing your body before putting on perfume, then put a lotion that complements the scent of your perfume. Remember; never ever let your lotion’s smell contrast with that your perfume.
  • You can rub a little petroleum jelly, Shea butter or olive oil on the pulse points, before applying the perfume, to make the scent last longer. Also, while you’re spraying the perfume, spray from approximately twelve inches away and then step into the fragrance cloud. It will help the scent spread equally on all parts of the body.

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