Removal of a tattoo is as painful as the process of getting it done. If you want to know how to get rid of tattoos, browse through the article.

How To Get Rid Of Tattoos

Removal of tattoo is as old as the process of tattooing. A number of methods have been formulated for the removal of the permanent body art. Whether they are the centuries' old methods or the modern ones, the processes carried out in removing the tattoo are painful in some form or the other. This is because permanent tattoos are harder to remove, as the ink used for them are needled deep into the skin. Worst is the case, when the tattoos are large. If you have enjoyed flaunting your tattoo and are now looking for ways to get rid of it, this article is just for you. Read the following lines and know how tattoos can be removed from the body through various methods.
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Tattoo Removal Options
Fade Away Creams
Fade away creams are available in the market, which can remove the tattoo effectively. Such creams break down the permanent ink of the tattoo into smaller particles. Although this is an effective method used for the removal of tattoo, it is a bit time consuming.
Chemical Peels
Tattoos can be removed by using chemical peels. In this process, the compound is applied to the tattooed skin, to peel it off. You need to consult a physician or a professional tattoo artist to remove the tattoo.
Surgical Excision
Surgical excision is a method commonly used to remove the tattoo by cutting away the tattooed skin. This method cuts small tattoos easily. The surgeon removes the tattoo by working on one section of the tattooed skin at a time. A patch of skin is drafted from any other part of your body, after the tattoo is cut.
Another surgical method used for the removal of tattoo is dermabrasion. In this process, layers of the tattooed skin are sand-blasted away. To do this, the surgeon freezes or numbs the tattooed area and then removes it using a tool with abrasive surface.
An old technique to get rid of tattoo is called 'salabrasion'. In this process, the tattooed skin is numbed. A solution, made by mixing salt in tap water, is then applied on the numbed area of the skin. The solution is rubbed onto the skin, until the tattoo is removed completely. In this case, the tattoo remover doesn't make use of any power tool.
Laser Tattoo Removal
In the laser removal method, the tattooed skin is subjected to laser beams. The rays penetrate deep into the skin in order to break up the tattoo ink sticking to the surface. The intense pulses of laser light cracks the tattoo pigments into pieces. Eventually, the tattoo fades away.
Tissue Expansion

The modern method used to remove large sized tattoos is known as tissue expansion. According to this method, a balloon is positioned beneath the tattooed skin and then inflated. The tattoo is cut out over a period of time, when the skin stretches slowly. After the skin is stretched to the required extent, it is pulled over the excised area. This leaves a linear scar on the skin.

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