Are you undecided about where to place your tattoo? Read on to make the best decision.

Place For A Tattoo On A Woman

It’s party time and you and your partner are ruling the dance floor. The music flows in your veins as you feel your body grooving to the beat. And just as you start feeling like the queen of the gathering, all you notice that attention is slowly moving away from you. When the music ends and your partner goes to get you a drink, you see the reason for that attention moving away from you! It’s the new girl in town who had walked in wearing a cute dress with a perfect cut to flaunt her rather interesting tattoo. You feel that demon of jealousy rearing its head again. You decide that it’s time for you to get a tattoo too. Does this sound familiar? However, pause for a moment and consider this. Getting a tattoo is not as important as getting a tattoo in the right place. The right design and the right placement of your tattoo will make a statement about you and will make you look as attractive and unique as you wish to be. You can look cute, bold, alluring, or sexy, just by making the right choice. Here are some tips on places for a tattoo, common patterns, and what it says about you. While there are many more places on which it is possible to get yourself tattooed (which are more controversial), the places mentioned here are those most liked by men.
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Placement For Female Tattoos
Shoulder Blade 
The shoulder blade is by far the most alluring place on which to have a tattoo. Girls usually include stars, fairies, angels, and flowers on their shoulders. The most favorite designs are flowers and butterflies. These will look great with a strapped dress and with your hair dressed high. Shoulder tattoos will give you an aura of sophistication and mystery. 
Lower Back 
This is the next most favored location. Due to the flat region of skin (in most people), getting a tattoo here can work wonders. Tattoos here can be large, and the most common ones chosen are flowery designs. Having a tattoo on your lower back will make you look more attractive and sexy. 
The natural curve of the hip makes it a great choice to have a tattoo. Some women choose to have floral tattoos that extend from their hip to their thigh. These give the illusion of being bold and aggressive. If you want it to look cute, you can go in for a tattoo that is small and limited to the hip area. These are considered as a teaser, when worn with a bikini or low cut jeans. Just keep in mind that this is quite painful since you will be able to feel the tattoo needle pressing down on the nerves and hipbone. 
You can get a tattoo placed on your arms if you are a bold and daring woman, since this is generally considered to be a male area. Choose vines, wild flowers or some Celtic design that will compliment your body shape as well as your complexion. 

Nape Of The Neck
A small tattoo on the nape of the neck can be considered very alluring and mysterious. The best designs to go in for are small flowers or stars. These give an aura of youth. 
If you are whimsical, you can go in for a tattoo on your ankle. This is also considered quite seductive, since it is not visible to everybody. Floral designs are said to be the best. These will look better if you have well-pedicured feet.

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