The most celebrated fashion item created by America, jeans can be paired with any kind of footwear. Explore the article to know what shoes should men wear with jeans and how to select them.

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Jeans

An iconic piece of clothing, a pair of jeans is universal in nature. However, jeans make a good style statement only when you wear them with an appropriate pair of shoes. Rightly said by fashion designer Jade McWilliams, “Remember: jeans are so universal that they are almost invisible; it's the shoes that count! Match them to the occasion and to your personal style." The style of jeans you are wearing should match the style of shoes as well. The same pair of jeans can give you an entirely different look when paired with different shoes on different occasions. This article provides info on what shoes should men wear with jeans. Read through the following lines to know the various shoes that you can team up with your pair of jeans.  
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How To Select Men’s Shoes To Wear With Jeans 
  • The best color of shoes to wear with jeans is brown. Black shoes stick out, while white and blue shoes can be good options as well.
  • Sneakers are one of the most commonly worn footwear that can be teamed up with almost anything in your wardrobe. You can go for classic white trainer or try retro, skate or European-styled sneakers for a more interesting and fashion-forward statement.
  • If you are wearing hiking pants, make sure that you wear hiking shoes with them.
  • Team up your pair of faded jeans, having a few rips and tears, with a simple shoe.
  • Match your blue jeans with loafers, as they are comfortable and add style to your look.
  • Good options for casual jeans are either Oxfords or Plimsolls.
  • While adorning dressier jeans, slip-ons are a nice option. Loafers, sandals and other casual shoes just don’t work with these jeans; instead oxfords can be given a try.
  • The best shoes that compliment denim jeans or army pants would be the ones that have a rugged-look. Also, hiking boots, moccasins or boat shoes can match well.
  • Tennis shoes are best, in case you are planning a casual day and are going to walk a lot. Sandals, flip-flops and boots are just not recommended.
  • If you are willing to wear sandals, wear them with blue denim shorts in summer.
  • With creased jeans, the right shoes would be brand-new, latest in style,  and clean sneakers. If sneakers do not fit the occasion, sleek and polished loafers in good leather would suit.
  • You can co-ordinate a skinny jeans with color track or soccer shoes.
  • For super-skinny jeans, it is better to wear canvas high-tops for a super trendy emo look.
  • A bigger, bulkier shoe will be best teamed with flared or baggy jeans.
  • A classic five pocket jeans in a slight boot cut or straight leg will best be complimented with hiking shoes or Rockport casual shoes.
  • When planning a date, pair your jeans with classis high top skate shoes for a nice, casual look.
  • If you are heading to a trendy club, pair your jeans with a pair of shoes with European or very fashion-forward detailing.

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