Learning how to do proper makeup can enhance your natural beauty and minimize the flaws. Read the article to find tips for applying makeup at home.

How To Do Makeup At Home

While cosmetics have a large effect on enhancing your features, it is the technique that makes a dramatic transformation in your appearance. Makeup, when not done correctly, can look artificial. Hence, while applying makeup, it requires certain tricks for working with the face shape and its contours, so that the makeup is well blended and the lines do not stand out on the skin. Also, you should know how to properly apply foundation, powder, rouges and shadows, to hide the imperfections. Given here are some tips that will assist you in doing your own makeup at home, just as a professional makeup artist does. Go ahead and get some head-turning gorgeous results.
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Tips For Applying Makeup At Home
  • Get a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it over blemishes or under-eye circles and blend it gently using your finger tips or makeup sponge.
  • Select a foundation matching your skin tone. Apply dots of the foundation on the central part of your face and blend it with your fingertips or makeup sponge to cover the entire face.
  • Using a hard, slanted brush, apply powdered eyebrow shadow on your brows. Avoid using an eyebrow pencil, as it can give your brows an unnatural look.
  • While applying makeup to your eyes, use three colors of eye shadow, light, medium and dark. Pick on the lightest shade and apply it from the lash line till the brow bone. Next, take the medium shade and play it on the crease. Apply the dark shade to line the upper eyelid in a thin line, along the upper lashes.
  • The next step would be to line the lower lid below the lashes using cake eyeliner with a damp, thin liner brush or an eyeliner brush. Line the outer two-thirds of the lower lid. For a darker look, you can work all your way across the upper lid.
  • Apply mascara to upper as well as lower eyelashes. To avoid clumsiness, apply two thin coats. If you have a fair skin, use brown mascara, while for dark skin, you can go for black or brown.  
  • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks or slightly below them.
  • Next, line your lips with a lip liner. Select a lipstick shade that suits your skin tone. To suit your mood and outfit, you can mix different shades and textures.
Additional Tips
  • Clean and moisturize your face before your start off with applying makeup.
  • In case the concealer tends to cake, apply an eye cream first and then apply the concealer.
  • Keep loose or pressed powder in hand to touch up your makeup whenever you are outdoors.
  • Try colored mascara, such as navy blue or plum, for a jolly or fun look.
  • In case your eyes tend to get watery, use waterproof products lest you end up ruining the makeup.
  • Do not combine a very dark lip liner with a pale lipstick.

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