Nothing looks as enticing as lush lashes! If you are one of those few dames who are harried over your scanty lashes, reading these tips on how to grow your eyelashes longer will make a difference.

How To Grow Your Lashes

When it comes to talking of eyelashes, more is always the merrier! Ask any girl about the gorgeous long lashes of starry-eyed beauties like Katty Perry or Jennifer Lopez and she would come up with tons of reasons on what makes these celeb-worthy lashes so highly desirable. Big, fat, lush lashes have been a big turn-on for centuries. Fuller lashes can dramatically add to your looks and pep up your flutters like nothing else. Most often, girls resort to lash curlers, mascara and even false eye lashes to maximize their optic appeal. However, have you wondered how great it would feel to have naturally lush eyelashes than fall back to cosmetic gimmicks time and again to fix your scanty lashes? Well, if you thought that big lashes are ‘gifted’ and plainly unachievable, think again. Naturally fuller lashes are easy to get than you actually think. All you will need is to squeeze out some time from your jam-packed schedule and pamper your lashes with daily care. Here are some of the easiest ways to ensure that you have long lashes, without going overboard. Read on to know more.
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Tips To Grow Your Eyelashes
  • Pamper your lashes with the goodness of essential nutrients to get it booming! Just include generous amounts of vitamins and minerals to your diet and flaunt a thicker eye fringe. You can also go for over-the-counter multivitamin tablets that are known to promote hair growth or simply switch on to fish oil, biotin, or Vitamin B supplements to flutter a thick lash!
  • Agreed, nothing can enhance your flutters and add volume to the lashes like a stroke of mascara that can dramatically add to one’s appearance. However, prolonged coats of mascara can cause your lashes to wane. To minimize the damage, always use light mascaras that are gentle to wear and easy to remove. It would do good to stay away from waterproof mascaras as they are difficult to take off and are damaging for your lashes.
  • Follow a bedtime ritual to get fabulous lustrous lashes. Just treat your lashes to your favorite eye treatment. You can either go for a non-prescribed drug or a prescription treatment. However, don’t forget to remove all traces of makeup from your eyes before indulging.
  • Stress isn’t just bad for your health, but for your lashes too. Wonder how! Stress causes the health to take a dip in nutrition that eventually leads to hair loss and that includes your eyelashes too. Lower your stress levels by working out at the gym religiously. Also it would pay to take a break when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Conditioning your lashes just the way you do with your hair will help you get lustrous thick lashes. You can find your pick in the beauty shelves or just turn to good old olive oil to work the wonder. Not only will it condition your lashes, but also add an extra sheen to it.
  • You can also try a lash accelerator for a quick-fix. There are plenty of beauty products that boast of giving you thicker, fuller lashes. These lash accelerators come with serums, proteins and conditioners that actually boosts lash health, make them firm and strong and also make way for new lashes to grow.
  • Vitamin E works wonders for skin and health and is believed to promote lash growth. Just apply it to your eye lashes and brush it gently. Not only will it cause your lash to expand, it would also sooth eye irritation, if any.
  • Taking a gelatin supplement daily can help you flaunt thicker feelers. Amino acid is vital for all kind of hair growth and is likely to boost your lashes too. Just take unflavored gelatin daily and see your lashes grow lush.
  • Dream of thick, long lashes! Just trim off the fringes and see the difference. However, be careful with your scissors. Take care to trim just the edges. This will help your lashes to grow faster and thicker. 

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