Taking care of a tattooed skin is important to stave off the infection and possible damage of the tattoo. Explore the article below on tattooed skin care tips.

Tattooed Skin Care Tips

Earlier the tattoos were always associated with the outcasts or the rebels. Tattoos, it seems, were only worn by the sailors or criminals, though it was a common ritual in many ancient cultures. As of now, getting a tattoo inked on your skin is considered to be a statement of your style and individuality. In fact, it is said that the choice of the tattoo can reveal the character and mindset of the person. The younger generation embraced the tattoo with open arms. And how can you stop them when you see that their idols, sport persons and movie stars, all display tattoos. However, getting a tattoo done is not the end. Since the ink is injected into the skin layer, there is a very good chance of infection. So, after inking the tattoo if proper care is not taken then along with the risk of infection there is also the chance of the tattoo getting damaged. You must always allow the time for the skin to heal, and only after that, you should show-off your newly acquired art. To help you in this, read through the article given below on how to take care of tattooed skin.
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How To Take Care Of Tattooed Skin 
  • After getting the tattoo done, ensure that the artist dresses the tattoo properly. The tattoo must be wiped and cleaned and then, using a cotton ball, antiseptic ointment must be applied to it.
  • Wrap the tattoo in bandage. You should keep on the bandage on for at least 2 to 4 hours. This will protect the skin when it is the most vulnerable. The dressing will also heal the tattoo faster and prevent scabbing.
  • Do not re-dress the tattoo after removing the original bandage as you may trap in the dirt, which can lead to infection. That is why, it is better to let the tattoo artist do the bandage.
  • The tattooed skin must be cleaned every few hours. When the tattoo is getting healed, fluids will be oozing out. Wipe off this fluid with a clean cloth.
  • Always keep the hands clean before touching the tattoo to prevent any chances of infection.
  • The tattooed skin must be kept moist to assist the healing. Moisturizing also helps in preventing scars by keeping the scabs from falling too early. You can also use ayurvedic ointments and lubricants.
  • Lubricants also keep the tattoo clean and shiny by preserving the ink colors. Make sure that the ointments and lubricants do not produce any allergic reaction. And also avoid the scented ones as most likely the scent chemicals can cause irritation in the skin and also delay the healing process.
  • Apply the lubricants more often to prevent the fresh tattoo from drying out. If you notice the tattoo is starting to dry then apply a coat of lubricant over it.
  • After a week of getting the tattoo, you can use the normal body lotion.
  • After getting the tattoo done the skin may start itching. Do not take recourse to scratching or scrubbing the tattoo as it can lead to the peeling of the scabs. Scabs will fall of naturally when the skin is healed completely. In time, a layer of skin will develop over the top of the tattoo and then the itching will also stop.
  • Initially the tattoo color is very susceptible to fading so it must be protected from the water and the rain.
  • Before taking a shower, bandage a plastic wrap over the tattoo. If the tattoo is big or you cannot put a bandage to it then avoid taking a bath for the first few days. Instead, wipe your body with a wet cloth. Also, avoid water with chemicals.
  • Cover your tattoo from the sun as it can lead to fading or drying.

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