Asian eyes are different! Read more to know Asian eye makeup tips.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips

Asian eyes are exotic, expressive, and fun to complement with bold makeup colors. It’s their elongated shape, which makes the Asian eyes even more alluring. When it comes to eye makeup for Asian eyes then, it should be kept in mind that for an Asian woman, eyes are the most attractive feature and so they demand special care. Asian eye makeup also demands special attention because Asian eyelids tend to be different from eyelids of other races. Most of the Asian eyelids are known as a ‘single lid’, which means that the upper lid has no crease. Even if Asian eyelids have creases, they differ in length from the eyelids of other races. Asian woman can give their eyes a mystic and alluring look by complementing them with gorgeous eye shadow colors. So, women who wish to have expressive and beautiful eyes, need, just correct makeup for eyes. From seductive, colorful to smoky eyes, there are many options to choose for highlighting Asian eyes.
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Makeup Tips For Asian Eyes
Eyebrow Makeup 
  • Add beauty to your eyes by filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, which is one shade lighter to your natural hair color. Avoid using black color on your eyebrows, as it looks too heavy and odd with Asian skin tones. Your option is to opt for colors such as mahogany or dark brown.
  • Wax or thread your eyebrows to create an arch, which will help in highlighting the eye makeup.
  • Most Asian woman have sparse eyebrows, if you also have the same then the best idea is to use eyebrow pencil, which matches your brow color. Starting from the inside of the brow, draw individual hairs between your natural brow hairs. Ensure that each stroke is fine and follows the natural hair direction.
  • Another option is to apply brow shadow using brow brush. Using a small amount of color, brush through the eyebrow hair thoroughly.
  • You can create a great look by adding eyebrow mascara to your brows. 
Eye Shadow 
  • Apply light colored eye shadow. Choose from pale pink, white, or skin shades. Don’t opt for dark shades of eye shadow as that will only make your eyes look smaller. You can also opt for light to medium brown shades. They look great on Asian skin tones.
  • Start with applying light colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Then apply a deeper shade on the bottom part of the lid. As you move up blend the deeper shade with the lighter shade. Ensure that you don’t leave any lines of demarcations as these lines will spoil the subtle look, which bring out the eyes and make your eyes look smaller. For Asian eyes, too much of eye shadow fails to highlight the eye shadow. So, it’s important to apply just correct amount of eye shadow. 
Eyeliner And Mascara 
  • Eyeliner plays a crucial role in makeup for Asian eyes. Often well-known makeup artists advise that since Asian woman have sparse eyelashes, use of mascara should be omitted instead eyeliner should be used to draw attention to the eyes.
  • Using an eyeliner, draw a line as close to the eyelashes as possible.
  • Reapply the liner to make the line thicker. To make sure that it’s thick enough, check if the line can be seen when your eyes are open.
  • Smudge using a smudge brush to create a smoky look. This will help bring out the eyes.
  • Apply eyeliner under the eye but just enough to draw only soft line. The line on the bottom lid should be lighter than one on the top lid.
  • In case you have long luscious eyelashes before applying the mascara curl them first. Try applying mascara as close to the base of the lashes as possible to make it look natural.

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