One of the best ways to get rid of bags beneath your eyes is to hide it with the most effective makeup. Here’s how to do makeup for baggy eyes.

Makeup For Baggy Eyes

“A beautiful eye makes silence eloquent, a kind eye makes contradiction an assent, an enraged eye makes beauty deformed…that is to say, every other part would be mutilated were not its force represented more by the eye than even by itself."  -  Joseph Addison.
The first thing that attracts a person to another is his/her eyes, as they speak volumes. A woman’s smile, happiness, love, hurt, anger, and literally almost every other feeling is expressed through her eyes more than her gestures. No, wonder why celebrities are ready to even get under the knives for a vibrant looking eye. However, it is a fact that a tired looking eye can undermine the personality of the person, which can not only dampen the looks but pour water on the spirits too. In the world of stardom, stars like George Clooney, U2 lead singer Bono, actress Jane Seymour and many others are rumored to have gone under the knife to get rid of their eye bags. You might not be that privileged however, it is not an intimidating task to get rid of baggy eyes and you wouldn’t have to go for cosmetic surgery for that. It may not be possible for you to get rid of it completely, but you can hide it well with some makeup tricks. Learn how to hide baggy eyes using make up and making it less conspicuous unlike Lisa Kudrow who made a fashion statement by making her eye puffiness noticeable with a glowing makeup.
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How To Hide Baggy Eyes With Makeup 
Makeup is the best way by which you can get rid of the baggy eyes or eye puffiness. Find how to hide your eye bags with a good makeup. 

Preparing Your Eyes
The first step is to prepare your eyes for makeup. The best way to reduce the bagginess would be to wash your eyes with cold water. You could also apply icepacks or teabags soaked in cold water on your eyes for ten minutes. A slice of cucumber or raw potato or cotton soaked in witch hazel also works wonder in reducing the puffiness of the eyes. After you are done with it, apply a good eye cream around your eyes, especially concentrating on the under eye area. This way your eyes would be moist for long and your makeup wouldn’t cake up or crease even after hours. 

For baggy eyes, the best makeup would be concealer. Invest in a branded concealer. Make sure that the concealer, which you are using is a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Concealers with yellow undertones are the best, as they help in lightening your eyes up more than any other undertones. You have to make it a point that the concealer that you use fits in the necessary criteria. Since your mission is to make the area look brighter avoid the concealer and the foundation in the same color. There are various types of concealers from liquid to cream and stick concealers. Though stick concealers are the easiest to apply, they are used only for heavier coverage. A cream concealer provides heavier coverage, but will cake easier. Liquid concealer is better for a lighter look, but it creases easier than cream concealer. 

How To Apply
Hold the area for makeup taut so that the wrinkles do not crack the makeup. Either using a nylon brush or using your fingers, you can mark points of your concealer under your eyes. There should be several dots that are to be worked on later. Slowly in circles, blend the concealer into the under eye area. Have a look. If you think it is not properly covered, you can apply more of concealer and then blend it well. You can smooth out to give an even appearance.

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