Searching some tips to help you make eyes look bigger? Read on to know how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Ever wondered how Julia Robert’s eyes always look big and glowing? Well partly, it’s her genes, which gave her beautiful eyes, but her not too obvious makeup deserves equal credit too. Many times, you might have looked at photographs of celebrities before and after makeup and wished if only you could get that look. Coming closer to home, the Bollywood beauty Biapasha Basu is known for experimenting with her eye makeup to play with her look. Bipasha says, "Eyes speak volumes! You don't have to say anything at that point of time! It is the eyes that talk!” The smoky eye look with the extended eyeliner adorned by her became a hot trend. Artistically applied makeup not only make the celebrities look beautiful but also enhances their assets. Big and soulful eyes are an asset with which many women are born with. However, everyone is not as lucky! If you long to create the look of large eyes, then there are tips and techniques to help you. What more if you can try these techniques at home, without spending anything, then it would be like a windfall. Your daily use make-up material can work wonders for you! Here are some techniques to help you achieve that glamorous eye look! 
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Making Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup 
  • Start by cleaning your face with a mild face wash.
  • Apply concealer around and under your eyes. This will help you conceal the dark circles. Dark circles will give you sunken-eye look and will make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Apply creamy white eyeliner on the bottom inner part of your eye and on the tear ducts.
  • Next, blend the tear ducts with the rest of the skin. This will work with all skin types and tones.
  • Apply black eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes just under the white eyeliner and extend the line to the corners.
  • Now, apply black eyeliner on the top of your eyes and ensure that the center of the eyeliner is thicker. Extend the lines to the corner so that it meets the bottom line. This will make the eyes appear bigger and rounder.
  • Using a swab smudge the eyeliner around the eyes. This will not make your eyeliner appear as a distinct line. However, make sure that the eyeliner you are using is smudge-able.
  • Doing this will give a slight smoky look to your eyes and make your eyes look bigger.
  • Apply mascara on your top lashes and your eyes are all set! Before applying mascara always, curl your lashes. You can curl your lashes after applying mascara also but make sure that your mascara has dried. 
Tips And Tricks 
  • Light shade eye shadows like white, bisque, and ivory hues make the eyes look large. When applying eye shadow, try using single color rather than two or three shades of eye shadow. Although usage of multiple eye shadows complete the layered look and add definition to eyes, a single shade will actually make your eyes look bigger. Though light shades are recommended, you can also experiment with pastel shades.
  • Highlighting creams are another trick, which can be used to draw attention to your eyes. You can apply highlighting creams to the upper eyelid and up to the brow bones to make your eyes look bigger. As the highlighting creams have high sheen, they should be applied with a light hand. Just a bit of cream is enough to do the trick!  
  • Eyelashes can make a big difference to your eye makeup. Curling your eyelashes can do the trick for most. However, you can also experiment with single false eyelashes, which can be applied to the outer corner of the eyes.
  • It’s important to thread or wax your eyebrows regularly. If the eyebrows are left bushy and overgrown, the entire eye area looks shrunken. So, for flattering eyebrows shape, it’s essential to groom your eyebrows.  

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