There are a number of tips that, if followed to the letter, can make your nail polish last longer. You can also go through this article and get info on how to make nail polish last longer.

How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Females, the world over, swear by nail polish to make their hands look beautiful and attractive. At the very same time, all of them have to suffer from the early chipping of the polish, requiring a repetition of the process of removing the old nail paint and putting on a new one. How they wish the nail polish would have lasted a little longer. If you are also one of them, help is at hand. In case you are unaware of it, there are a few tips that, if followed religiously, can make your nail polish last longer than the usual. Go through the following lines and find tips to help you know how to make nail polish last longer, listed just for you.
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Tips To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer
Getting Rid of the Old Nail Polish
Whenever you want to put on a new shade of nail polish, thoroughly remove the coat that you have applied previously on your nails. In other words make sure that you have removed the nail polish completely. Thereafter, you need to wash your hands, including the nails, and towel-dry them. This will help remove any moisture and chemical residue from nails and prepare them for a coat of polish.
Removing the Oils & Dirt
Even if your nails are free of previous nail polish coats, it is advisable to dip a cotton ball in polish remover and rub your nails with the same. This will help remove any oil or dirt from the nails. Do make sure to wash and dry your nails afterwards. The result will be a nail polish that lasts much longer than otherwise.
Ensure There Are No Snags Or Cracks
In order to make your nail polish last longer, you need to get rid of the snags and cracks in the nails, if any. Before applying any polish, it is necessary to clip down your nails to a comfortable and uniform length and also file them properly, to remove any potential snags. This will prevent unnecessary chipping of nails.
Make Use of Base Coat
For long lasting polish on your nails, applying a clear base coat is advisable. The base coat provides an ideal surface to the polish, ensuring that it keeps on adhering to your nails for a long time. However, you need to make sure that the base coat is thin and smooth and you let it dry for 10-15 minutes.
Drying Between Coats
Never ever apply only one coat of nail paint. There should be a minimum of two and maximum of three coats of the polish, on your nails. However, before applying the second, or third coat, make sure that the previous coat is completely dry. Otherwise, you might end up with smudged polish, which does not last long.
Top Clear Coat
While there are many women who remember to apply 2-3 coats of a nail polish, very few of them are aware of the importance of using a clear top coat. Apart from adding shine to your nails, the clear coat also helps the colored nail paint last a long amount of time.

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