Why buy the expensive nail polish remover, when you can remove the nail polish natural way at home? Read to know how to make a homemade fingernail polish remover.

Homemade Fingernail Polish Remover

Rummaging around drawers for the old bottle of nail polish remover? It won’t do you much good. In all likelihood, it is either evaporated or expired, and moreover, will leave awful yellow stains on the nails. The thing with nail polish removers is that they never come with a seal to keep them good for use over a long period, and invariably you pay for what you throw away more than what you use. So, why spend precious cents on what will not be useful for a long period of time, lest you require a remover every other day? For those who love experimenting with their nails occasionally, it is pointless to spend large sum of money on a bottle of remover that will extinct within few uses. There are several ingredients available in your house, using which you can make a good nail polish remover, without spending a coin out of your pocket. Plus, removing the nail paint in a natural way can be the best treatment for your nails. The following lines provide you with different methods of making natural nail polish removers.
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How To Make Natural Nail Polish Remover
  • Acetone is the best artificial remover that you can use to clean your nails for the next color to be flaunted. Take a cotton and apply little acetone. Wipe off the polish on your fingernails gently with the help of the cotton swab dipped in acetone.
  • If you are ready to spare a little amount of your favorite perfume, it will prove effective in removing your finger nail polish. Most perfumes contain ethyl acetate, an active ingredient in all nail polish removers. Take a cotton swab and apply some perfume to it. Then, apply it to your nails.
  • Did you know that applying another coat of nail polish can help you remove the former nail paint? Apply a fresh coat of nail paint and using a cotton ball, wipe off the nail polish immediately. This prompt removal will help in the removal of the dry polish. However, chances are you might have residual polish marks on your cuticle.
  • You can use a hairspray, toothpaste or a wet wipe to get rid of your old polish on your nails. Just dab any of the ingredients mentioned above into a cotton ball and rub your nails with the same.
  • A paint thinner can also help you remove the nail polish from your fingernails. Hence, apply some paint thinner on your nails and see the polish vanish.
  • Collect a baby jar with a lid on it, a liquid thinner, and a sponge to make your own nail polish remover. Fit in the sponge into the jar and then cut a hole in the middle of the sponge that can fit your finger. Pour the thinner into the jar and put the cap on tightly. Whenever you want to remove the nail polish, stick your finger into the sponge and move it around a little to remove the paint off your nails. Make sure that you place the lid tightly after every use, to prevent the thinner from evaporating. 

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