Otherwise flawless skin can be ruined by blackheads, but thankfully there is a way out. Breeze through this article for step-by-instructions on using a blackhead remover.

How To Use Blackhead Remover

A blackhead is a blemish no one would want on their skin. Sometimes however, these tiny black spots find a way to make themselves comfortable on our skin. It’s like they don’t plan on going anywhere! Contrary to popular belief, a blackhead is not the result of poor hygiene. Blackheads in fact are caused by excess oils that accumulate in the ducts of a gland known as the ‘sebaceous gland’. Blackheads are medically known as ‘open comedo’ or ‘plural comedones’ and basically are types of ‘acne vulgaris’. Blackheads however are not the end of the road, and with an ounce of effort can be gotten rid of. All you really need to ‘flaunt’ skin that is free of blackheads is a good and effective blackhead remover. At times, in beauty it’s more about a blackhead remover and less about a cream that falsely promises to eliminate blackheads. Take the time and read on to establish familiarity with instructions on using a blackhead remover.

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Using A Blackhead Remover
  • Before even beginning to use a blackhead remover, it is extremely important to know how to choose the right blackhead remover. When deciding to buy yourself a blackhead remover, you just can’t walk into a random store and buy the blackhead remover that first meets your eye. It’s a lot more than that.
  • In the market today, there are several types of blackhead removers. These blackhead removers range from simple strips that can be peeled away from the skin to metal bars with metals loops at the ends. There are also suction tools to help rid your skin of blackheads. However, suction tools and other such advanced blackhead removers can only be used by professionals and are not suited for household purposes.
  • For best results, you can choose to use a metal loop to get rid of a blackhead. The following instructions are aimed at giving you expert-level knowledge on using a metal loop to rid your skin of blackheads. Go through it carefully and put it to practice with composed precision.
  • Begin by placing the loop over the blackhead. Care should be taken to ensure that the blackhead is completely inside the loop. Removing a blackhead that is not completely placed in the metal loop is not a good idea.
  • Most blackhead removers comprise loops of two distinctly different sizes. You will have to use your discretion to decide which metal loop is best for the blemish you plan on removing.
  • Once you’ve decided on the right loop to use on your blackhead, you can get started with the not-so-painful process of removing the blackhead. Continue the process of removing the black head by applying gentle pressure on the tool. You will have to be extra careful to not break the skin because this can only lead to more blemishes.
  • Post extracting the blackhead you will have to drag the tool across the surface of the skin to rid it of the debris. Proceed to a mirror and you will notice that the blackhead has disappeared. It’s really no miracle, but simply the application of force with the assistance of equipment to help eliminate what shouldn’t have been in the first place.
  • Make it a point to rub a little alcohol on the blackhead removing equipment before using it again. The alcohol will help sterilize the equipment and prevent the development of an infection.

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