Although it is easy to tie an ascot knot, many people find the process to be a bit tricky. Learn how to wear an ascot easily, with the instructions given in the article.

How To Wear An Ascot

Native to England, the ascot tie is primarily worn with formal dresses. It can be described as a narrow neckband, which has wide pointed wings. Traditionally, an ascot tie was made of pale gray patterned silk, though other fabrics and patterns are also being used in the present times. It has been popular neckwear for formal occasions since the nineteenth century and can be worn by both men and women. Though the trends have changed in the present times, earlier, the tie was mainly worn either with morning dress, for formal daytime weddings, or with a cutaway morning coat and striped grey trousers
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Although it is very simple to tie a knot in the ascot tie, people often find the task to be too difficult. They find it too tricky to give the finishing touch to the neckband. The fact is that tying as ascot is as simple as wearing any other necktie, the only difference being the way it is 'stuffed' into the shirt. If you are one of those people who stay away from the tie, because tying it seems to be a big hassle, then this article is just perfect for you. Go through the following lines and get instructions on how to wear an ascot.
How To Tie An Ascot Knot 
  • Grab hold of both the ends of the ascot tie. Now, place the tie loosely around your neck in such a way that the left end hangs two inches longer than the right end.
  • Now, wrap the left end of the tie over its right end.
  • Push the left end upwards, through the neck loop, so that it is now over the top of the right end of the tie.
  • Position the knot of the tie at the center of the ascot. Spread the sides slightly, in such a way that shallow creases form in the tie.
  • Unbutton the top button of your shirt, so that you are able to stuff the ascot tie into the 'mouth' of your shirt. Now, adjust both the ends of the tie, so that it sits in place.
  • Secure both the ends of the ascot with a stick pin. (This is optional) 
  • Try to match the fabric of the ascot tie with the fabric of your outfit. For instance, consider wearing a silk ascot with a lightweight shirt. A cashmere ascot is best suited for a heavy suit.
  • Do not choose the same color for your ascot as your outfit. Contrast works best for attire that has ascot as the neckwear. A bright and bold colored ascot will be the perfect match for a pale colored shirt.
  • Wear an ascot, the same way, as would a straight tie. For a formal occasion, wear the tie with a dressy shirt and suit.
  • The ascot can be either tucked into the shirt or left hanging on top. It will look elegant with a crew neck sweater or button-down shirt, open at the neck. A cool hat will complete the entire look.

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