Shaving your legs is the best and the least painful way to get rid of unwanted hair. Know how to shave legs, with the instructions and tips given in the article.

How To Shave Legs

Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair from your legs? While waxing and laser treatment are the surefire ways to remove the growth of hair from legs, shaving remains the basic technique adopted by many women, to make their legs free of hair and silky smooth. Apart from being an easy technique, shaving is much less painful as compared to the other methods. Learn how to shave your legs, with the instructions given in the article.
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Shaving Your Legs
Things Required 
  • Razor
  • Women's Shaving Gel
  • Women's Shaving Brush
  • Moisturizer
  • Water
  • Towel 
  • Wet the razor with warm water. You should moisten your legs with warm water as well, because the heat thus generated would relax the hair follicles, thereby making it easier to shave.
  • Place your moist legs at the edge of your bathtub. Now, apply the shaving gel on both sides of your leg. Form lather, using a shaving brush.
  • Place the razor on the upper portion of your leg and slide it down in a gentle manner, to shave off the hair. Be sure to do it slowly and steadily, because unsteady hand can cause cuts and nicks.
  • Start shaving at the front of your leg, slowly working around. Now, move towards the back of your leg.
  • Rinse the razor with water in between the strokes.
  • After you are done with shaving, make sure that you have removed hair from every part of your legs. If hair is still left, apply the shaving gel in the left-out part of your leg and strike the razor once again.
  • Repeat the above steps for the other leg as well.
  • Rinse your legs with cool water.
  • Dry your legs with a clean towel and then apply moisturizer. 
  • Always choose a sharp razor for shaving, specially designed for women.
  • To keep the blade sharp for repeated use, store the razor in a cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Electric razor is not suited for the beginners, because it can cause nicks and cuts easily.
  • Always change the razor once it gets blunt.
  • Rubbing an ice cube immediately after shaving can decrease the burning sensation experienced after the process.
  • The best place to shave your legs is bathtub, where you can wet your legs conveniently.

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