Face is the most important part of the body and therefore it should be shaved properly. Check out some simple shaving tips.

How To Shave

‘Face’ is the identity of a person and therefore, it needs to be well maintained. When it comes to men, hair forms an important part of their face. In this content, some men prefer keeping a beard, while others like to stay clean shaved. Shaving the face not only makes a man look groomed, but also provides him a clean and pleasant personality. Apart from this, shaving also makes one look younger. It is even deemed good for the skin, as it exfoliates it, removing dead cells. However, the charm of looking like a gentleman can be ruined if the shave is not done properly. Moreover, the whole effort of shaving will also go in vain. In case you don’t want the same thing happening to you, go through the following lines and know all about how to shave.
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How To Shave Properly 
  • First of all, wet your face with warm water. To soften the skin, you may even hold a wet washcloth to your beard for a few minutes.
  • Take out a new razor or replace the used blade in your regular razor, with a new one.
  • Take out a dollop of shaving cream into your hand or shake out the shaving foam. Apply it to your beard in upward circular motions. Though the amount of cream/foam varies depending on the thickness of your beard, the area to be shaved should be uniformly covered.
  • With the razor, shave downward, in the direction your whiskers grow. Use long, even strokes from your sideburns, towards your mandible. Apply light, but firm pressure, pulling your skin taut before each stroke.
  • After every stroke or two, rinse your razor with warm water, so as to remove the shaved hair.
  • Use the razor on the area around your chin. While shaving under your chin, pull the razor from your throat area toward it. For a smoother feel, shave upward as necessary.
  • For shaving your upper lip, keep the skin tight by curling your lip over your front teeth.
  • Wash off excess shaving cream and examine your face carefully for any remaining hair. Look out around the edge of your jaw, your ears and near your lips and nostrils, for missed hair. Remove them with the razor, for a clean look.
  • After cleaning the face, apply cold water or aftershave, as desired.
Some Tips
  • Don’t shave while you are in hurry, as the chances of a mishap are higher in the case.
  • Use a new sharp blade every time you are shaving, as it will save you from any septic cuts in the process, especially those caused by dull blades.
  • In case you are using an electric shaver, use it with caution, to avoid any cut on the skin. It is better to read the instructions written on the cover.
  • Use hot water (tolerable) while shaving, as it will soften the beard and also open the pores, thus making the cleaning easier.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth first and then re-lather to shave in the opposite direction. It will give a closer shave.
  • Never ever apply too much pressure on the razor, as it might cause skin burns and irritations.
  • After you are through with the shaving job, rinse the razor with hot water and apply skin toner to remove residues and close pores.

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