Tattoos are a great way to add styles to your personality. Explore the article below for tattooing tips for women.

Tattoo Ideas For Women

A tattoo always brings in mixed reactions. Some like it while some don’t. In between, there are others who like it on others but are unwilling to add one on their own body. Whatever may be the case it cannot be denied that tattoo as an art form has wide spread mass appeal. It is thought that men have been drawing tattoos since the Paleolithic era, and naturally, for such an ancient art, it should receive the adulation it deserves. Tattoos are favored by both men and women alike, and both celebrities and commoners like displaying it. There are tattoo designs to suit every personality, sex and body type. However, tattooing still has an element of stigma attached to them. Some of them are understandable like you won’t find much sympathy if you sport racially or sexually offensive tattoos. Also, in some cultures, tattoos are a sign of liberation and westernization and so it is looked down in scorn, especially in women. Due to this, more and more women are embracing tattoos to show their independence. The reasons may be varied but the point is that more and more people, especially women, are queuing to get tattooed. No one can dispute that a well-etched tattoo not only complements the body but it also highlights the individuality of the person. Read the article below for tattooing tips for women.
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Tattooing Tips For Women 
Where To Ink The Tattoo? 
  • Perhaps the first choice for women who are getting their first tattoo is ink it in the lower back. It has a sensuous appeal as she can display it to whom she wishes or keep it covered from the rest of the world. Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba sport lower back tattoos.
  • Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan can be seen with a tattoo on the wrist. This is a good option for women who have to keep the tattoo covered up when the need arises. This can be done by wearing a bracelet or a watch. Even Winston Churchill’s mother had a snake encircling her wrist.
  • Foot tattoos are very common in people who have just returned from a holiday. It is one of the most favorite holiday splurges. However, one disadvantage of foot tattoos is that they tend to fade very quickly. Some famous celebrities who sport foot tattoos are Charlize Theron and Carrie Otis.
  • For a delicate and bold tribal design, no body location is better than the ankles. The ankle tattoos were first popularizes by celebrities like Christy Turlington and Stephaine Seymour.
  • If you want a large tattoo then the best place is obviously the back. It is the largest uninterrupted body canvas. Back tattoos are alluring and attractive.
  • The upper arm, lower arm, forearm, shoulder, and the sleeves form another canvas. The best arm design is perhaps the Koi for a Japanese inspired tattoo.
  • Neck was once considered a taboo for tattooing. However, in recent years there has been an explosion in neck tattooing. One of the main reasons that some women are reluctant to go for neck tattoos is because, unlike other body parts, the neck tattoo requires a scarf to cover it. 
Tattoo Designs Ideas
Star Designs 
  • This design is popular with both men and women.
  • The star symbol embodies the divine spark and also the struggle of the unknown with the forces of darkness. 
Angel Designs
  • Angel is a symbol of devotion, spirituality, and faith.
  • If you are looking for a design that symbolizes guidance and protection then an angel tattoo is the best to go for.
  • You can also have this tattoo as a memorial for a loved one. 
Wing Designs
  • Wing symbolizes freedom and flight. It also symbolizes peace and love.
  • Various wing designs include angel wings, fairy wings, butterfly wings, and sometimes bird wings. 
Phoenix Designs
  • Phoenix has mythological history in both western and eastern cultures.
  • Each part of the phoenix body represents a specific virtue.
  • It represents purification, kindness, and reliability. 
Swallow Designs
  • Swallow represents hope. It is also associated with the souls of the dead.
  • Go for a swallow design if you want to keep alive the memory of your loved ones. 
Rose Designs
  • It is popular in both boys and girls as it represents pure love.
  • It is also a symbol of passion and purity.

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