Are you wondering how to get volume in your hair without damaging it? If yes, then read the article and check out the tips that will help you add volume to your hair.

How To Get Volume In Your Hair

Everyone with very thin hair always wants to add volume to his/her hair. There are many ways to make your hair voluminous, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays to blow dries and even hot oil treatments. While some of them bring instant volume to your hair, the others maintain its voluminous strength for a long time. However, proper knowledge of their usage is very important. In fact, if you know how to use such products appropriately, half the job is done. We are here to help you with some tips, through which you can learn how to add volume to your hair.
How To Get Volume In Your Hair
Cleansing Products
Use cleansing products i.e. shampoo and conditioner specially designed to add volume to the hair. Choose them according to your hair type - oily, dry, silky or curly. After applying shampoo, condition your hair, from the roots to the end, and dry it with the help of a towel, to remove excess water.
Blow Drying
You should blow-dry your hair, after applying cleansing products. To do this, use a blow dry in a medium setting. Lift small sections of your hair upwards, as you blow-dry. While doing this, massage the scalp with your fingers. It will give extra lift at the roots of your hair and will impart you the much-desired oomph. Always use a round brush when you blow-dry your hair.
Take a section of your hair and hold it straight up from your head. Now, brush the hair downwards, by starting from the roots and proceeding towards the ends. Use a fine tooth hair brush or comb for the purpose. After back-brushing, apply hair spray, so that you retain the style for a long time.
Hair Rollers
Using big rollers is a nice idea to increase the volume in your hair. After taking a shower, place the rollers at the root of your hair, at the crown and side areas. Allow your hair to dry. After the hair is dried, remove the rollers and apply a light hair spray.
Hot Oil Treatments
Hot oil treatments help increase volume and add moisture to thin hair. Opt for nature-based oil products, such as jojoba oil and lavender oil. Heat the chosen oil by the double-boil method. Apply the heated oil to your hair and wrap a warm towel around it. Let the hair rest in the towel for a couple of hours and then, take a shower. Rinse out the oil thoroughly.
Hair Cut
The right hair cut can bring about a significant change in your hair volume. If you have very thin hair, then opting for bobs and layered hair styles is a wise decision. Such haircuts will give instant movement and fullness to your hair.

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