Having trouble adding volume to your flat and lifeless hair? Add mega volume to your hair by following a few simple volumizing tips to get healthy, luxurious and sexy tresses.

Hair Volume Tips

Are you tired of flat, boring hair that lacks volume? Do you wish to get big sexy celeb hair? Then, continue reading. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born with thick, full heads of hair. Most of us try out different methods and things to add volume and flaunt shiny, strong, beautiful, and voluptuous locks. While thick hair can easily be styled into voluminous creations; thin hair too can create styles that reveal fabulous and lustrous hair. However, using the right products is not sufficient to get full thick hair you crave for. A few tips and tricks are also needed to achieve that long desired oomph you have always wished for in a matter of few minutes. Follow the simple tips stated below and inject some volume into your flat, limp and lifeless tresses to get beautiful, healthy, and sexy hair.
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Tips For Volumizing Hair
For Long Hair
  • Do not wash your hair the day you would be styling, since hair that is not freshly washed tends to contain more hair volume. However, if you must wash your hair on the same day, use volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Squeeze out some volumizing mousse or root volumizing spray and apply to damp hair.
  • Work out the product throughout your hair using a wide toothed comb.
  • Flip you head upside down and blow dry your hair on medium setting.
  • As you dry your hair, massage your scalp with your fingers to lift the roots.
  • In case you have curly hair, aim the nozzle of the dryer at one portion of your hair and scrunch it.
  • Turn your head up and finish off drying your hair using a large vent brush or round brush.
  • Proceed with styling your hair using the brush.
  • Lift one or two inches of your hair straight up away from your scalp and point the dryer’s nozzle under the section of hair.
  • Leave the dryer at the hair roots for few seconds and move towards the next section.
  • After you finish off with styling your hair, smooth out the shafts and ends of your hair and dry your hair completely.
  • If you are styling curly hair, scrunch only till it is slightly damp.
  • Allow the rest of your hair to air dry to prevent your hair from getting frizzy.
  • Tame up any frizzes using a dollop of hair pomade or styling wax. This will define the ends or layers of your hair.
  • Give a final burst to your hair by turning your hair upside down once again and misting it slightly with a light-hold hair spray.
  • Bring your hair up and fix any stray hair by running your fingers through.
For Short Hair
  • Squeeze a dollop of volumizing mousse or styling cream and apply to damp hair.
  • Using a wide toothed comb, brush your hair to distribute the product throughout your hair.
  • Dry your hair using a vent brush or round brush.
  • Start from hair roots lifting them from the scalp while pointing the blow dryer’s nozzle under each section of hair.
  • Smooth out the shaft and ends of your hair with the brush.
  • If you have a natural part, style your hair against the part to get more volume.
  • Blow dry your hair completely.
  • Separate the strands by coating your fingers with styling wax and running them through your hair.
  • For a chunky look, coat small hair sections with wax.
  • For that added extra volume, lift the first 1 or 2 inches of hair and apply hair spray to the roots.

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