Investigate this article on how to put on eyeshadow and learn simple ways to make your eyes look attractive and appealing.

How To Put On Eyeshadow

The eyes have often been described as oceans, reflection of the soul, jewels of the body and the mirror of the inner self by many, since ages. The eyes are used symbolically in poems and prose to describe the beauty of a person, and in philosophies to describe deceptiveness and truthfulness. Whatever said and done, the eyes undeniably are so important that one just cannot imagine the world without them. It is therefore no wonder that poets and writers have for ages eulogised them in their works. Having raved and ranted about the eyes so far, don’t you think they deserve more attention? After all they are invaluable jewels in their own right! Though simplicity might be the best policy, a little make up will do no harm to the eyes, but rather deepen the beauty of one’s eyes. And what better way to touch them up with than with eyeshadows! Eyeshadows are available in a number of shades and colours today, and one can choose the shade that best suits them. Though applying eyeshadows might sound quite simple, it actually isn’t. Go through the tips mentioned below and learn some details that you need to bear in mind before you start applying eyeshadow.

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Putting On Eyeshadows

Blend Well
Applying the eyeshadow in such a way that it blends well with the eyes is the key to applying the eyeshadow properly. The colors that you intend to use should merge well when applied to make it look like a rainbow of colors. The secret to the proper blending of an eyeshadow is to start with a light colour and then move on to a darker shade. You should apply the base colour all over, over which the lid colour should be carefully applied completing the makeup with the highlighter finally.

Choose The Best Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow you choose makes a lot of difference in the way your make up will look. Therefore, go in for the best eyeshadow available in the color that enhances your pupils. Make sure that you don’t make the mistake of choosing a strong color. Stay neutral in your choice of color and opt for colors like chocolate and beige etc. The eyeshadow you choose should emphasize and complement the color of your eyes and should be too loud.

Choose The Right Colour
Gone are the days when wearing eyeshadows similar to your eye color was considered odd. Today, wearing an eyeshadow of the colour in shades of your eye color is the fashion and there are many shades to choose from. Make sure that you go for a shade that makes your eyes look gorgeous.

Clean Your Applicators And Brushes
Make sure that the brushes and other instruments that you will be using to apply the eyeshadow are clean. If you do not clean the brushes, it will become a messy affair and can also spoil the smoothness and beauty of the eyeshadows. Therefore, it is obligatory on your part to make sure that the applicators and brushes are kept clean.

Use Eye Primer For Upper Eyelids
Applying eyeshadow often can be pretty taxing and irritating. If you want the eyeshadow to stay on for a longer time, then make use of an eye primer for your upper eyelid before applying the color. The eye primer will serve as a good base to the eyeshadow and will make it look smooth and help stay on for a longer time.

Highlighter Can Make Or Break Your Look
You need to be extremely careful while applying the highlighter. Be careful especially while using dark shadows to the crease of your eyes. If you accidentally get too close to your eyes, there are chances of the whole make up getting ruined.

Light Shadow From Lashes To Brows
You should always choose the lightest shade of eyeshadow and apply it all over from the tip of the lashes to your eyebrow. The light shade is used to make your eye look attractive and appealing. Make sure that you apply the shadow uniformly and with smooth strokes to avoid an untidy look.

Medium Eye Shadows For The Eyelids
Once you have applied the light eyeshadow from your eyelashes to the brows, it is time to use the medium shade of the shadow. Take the medium shade and apply it all over your eyelid with even strokes to get an even and continuous look.

Dark Shade For The Top Of Eyelid
The dark shade of eyeshadow is to be used on the top or crease of the eyelids. Applying the dark shade is the last stage in putting the eyeshadow. Make sure to blend the dark shade with the other two shades well to get an even finish and look.

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