Why blow a bomb on an expensive shampoo for damaged hair when you can get better results with home remedies? Browse through this article for home remedies for damaged hair.

Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

Most people who suffer from damaged hair hunt high and low and far and wide to zero in on a shampoo or conditioner that holds within itself a cure for damaged hair. However, in the process of the search, people fail to realize that the remedy for damaged hair has been right under their noses all the time. Yes, you read that right, damaged hair can be set right just by using everyday products that can be found well within the confines of your homes. Home remedies for damaged hair, believe it or not, are known to be safer than commercial remedies for damaged hair. This only means that the next time you walk into a super market, you can safely walk right past the section which stores products that falsely promise to help rid your hair of its damage. Make a premeditated move and find out for yourself how exactly to put to use day-to-day products in the ongoing battle against damaged hair.

Homemade Damaged Hair Remedies 

Mayonnaise is not just good for sandwiches or burgers, if you really know how to use it; it can also be used to rid your hair of damage. If you are looking to make the best of the mayonnaise you see in your kitchen, here’s how you can do it. Start off by applying half a cup of full fat mayonnaise. Apply the mayonnaise in such a way that it touches the roots of your hair and extends to its tips. Once you have applied the mayonnaise in this manner, cover your hair with a towel and allow the mayonnaise to do what it does best i.e. moisturize your hair! The mayonnaise should be on your hair for a period of at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Once the twenty minutes is done with, take off the towel and go in for a shower. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner! Within a few weeks of washing your hair using mayonnaise, you should be lucky enough to see favorable results.

Egg Yolk
For a simple and effective remedy for damaged hair, use egg yolks. You can start by breaking two eggs, separating the yolks from the whites and beating the eggs until they turn smooth. Apply this egg mixture onto your hair and allow it to ‘rest’ for at least half an hour. Be warned here, the egg mixture can release a foul order and sitting through it can be quite the ordeal. However, once half an hour has passed, you can wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. For best results, use egg yolk on your hair at least twice a week.

When it comes to finding a remedy for damaged hair, it hardly gets more convenient than oil. However, not just any oil will do for dry and damaged hair. You will need a special mixture of oils to flaunt hair that looks extra special. Begin by getting this oil mixture ready by heating three tablespoons each of olive oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil by first pouring the oils into a zipper bag and placing the bag in a pot of boiling water for two minutes or so. Remove the plastic bag from the boiling water, pour the oil onto your hands and apply it onto your scalp. Wait for an hour or so before washing it off with a shampoo and a conditioner.

Beer is just not good for drinking; it can also work wonders for your hair. Get yourself 12 ounces of beer and pour in a few drops of oil. Any oil will do. Stir the oil and the beer well and pour the resultant mixture into a bottle. Every time you step in for a shower, just rinse your hair with the beer and oil mixture after shampooing. This will help heal damaged hair and also nourish it with much needed shine.

Cocoa Butter
Last but not the least; you can use cocoa butter on your hair to rid it of its damage. For healthier hair with the assistance of cocoa butter, heat half a cup of the same in a microwave and apply it onto your hair. Allow it to stay on for a period of ten minutes or so. As soon as the stipulated time is done with, rinse off the cocoa butter and wash it with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

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