If you are wondering how to remove hair extension from your mane without blowing away a fortune at the salon, then the following tips on removing hair extension should give you some relief.

How To Remove Hair Extension

Short crops and choppy bobs may look rock chic, but the most coveted are super long tresses that are something that is never out of vogue. Whether you are enraptured with Rapunzel like locks or wish to copycat the red carpet ‘waist long’ trend, you can always faux up any style and length with hair extensions. Never mind if you have a short bob like Michelle Obama or are just another victim of a hair disaster, you can easily turn your blunt bob to long locks with these amazing hair bonds. All said and done; hair extensions look covetable and may last you up to 3-4 months. But what after that? Well, whether you are someone who changes your hairstyle as often as you change your clothes or love to faux the ever changing Hollywood hair ‘lengths’, one question you cannot really afford to put off is how to remove your extensions once they are out of style. With a little care and expertise, you can easily tug out the extensions from your hair without damaging your mane or even blowing away big bucks at the salon. Trail down this write up to know more on how to remove hair extensions.
Removing Hair Extensions 
  • Hair extensions can verve up your blunt bangs or choppy bobs into gorgeous long tresses in no time. Nevertheless, getting rid of these false hair extensions can be a different hair-raising story altogether. If you are bored of your fake ‘Rapunzel’ like super long tresses or Kim Kardashian like waves, then perhaps it’s time to do away with your hair extension and sport a chic style. But before you set yourself for the task, it’s important to find the places where your hair extensions merge with your real hair. Clip up your hair to separate it from the extension tracks. This will help will you to feel the extension bonds easily.
  • Once you have tracked the hair extension bonds successfully, your next step will be to spritz generous portion of oil sheen over the bonds. Oil sheen will help to slacken off the hold of the glue and make removal easy for you. Dab the oil sheen generously into your hair extension bond and wait for the oil to seep well.
  • The next step will be to apply hair grease over the bonds. Just take a dollop of hair grease and generously play it down to the extension. Remember to shake and twist each extension as you grease your bonds to relax the grip.
  • Once you feel that the bonds have loosened enough, gently tug the track out of your hair. If your real hair hurts in this process, generously dab on some more grease onto your hair and wait for the grip to relax. Even after you have tugged out all the bonds, there may be a few extensions still clinging on to your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water. Scrub your head well to make sure all the extensions are out. You can use a shampoo if you want. You will soon find the extensions falling apart. Wash your hair thoroughly and dab on some conditioner. Never ever use hot water to disintegrate your extensions as high temperature would only help to melt the glue and make extension removal impossible for you.
  • Blow-dry your hair using a cool setting. Avoid using a hot setting as doing so might melt any leftover glue and fuse with your mane. Once your hair is dry, comb it well to remove all remnants of the bond. Your hair will be as good as new and all set for a new avatar.

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