Using hair extensions has its own pros and cons. Read on to explore the advantages & disadvantages of hair extensions in detail.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

“A hairstyle can make or break your look”, says the popular stylist Cesare Safieh. Long hair has always been a quotient for style and fashion. However, it takes a long time to grow the hair to a considerable length. Besides, the care and maintenance required for the purpose is another challenging thing. If you have been dreaming for long hair for quite sometime now, hair extension can be the best option for you. It can help you get the length and texture of hair that you have always thought of. And the best part is that you can get it almost instantly. Popular Hollywood movie stars Demi Moore, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and many others look awesome after using these hair extensions. If you are planning to get hair extensions for yourself as well, it is better to be aware of both their pros and cons in advance and then take a decision. In this context, the information given below would prove to be handy.
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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hair Extensions
  • The greatest advantage of hair extension is that it gives you your dream hairstyle instantly. You need not wait for six to twelve months to get the long hair that can swing past your shoulder.
  • Hair extensions give you the flexibility to try new hairstyles without getting fixed to one. In case you get bore with the long hairstyle, remove the extensions and get a new look.
  • You are sure to feel the pain when you cut down the hair that you have grown with so much patience and care. However, in case of hair extension, you will never have to face thus regret. Hence, you can try as many styles as you want.
  • Hair extension can not only give an added length to your real hair, but also extra thickness and volume. It works excellently for fine, limp and thinning hair.
  • You can undertake different color experiments on your hair extension, without worrying about any damage to your real hair. You also put on different beads and create a style trend of your own.
  • Getting hair extensions from a salon is not painful at all. And thus, you will not be hurt even a bit, when you have the hair extension.
  • Hair extension can be easily taken care of and thus, is easy to maintain. It can be washed and treated in the same way as your real hair. 
  • The major factor standing in the way of hair extension is its cost. If you are looking for the best natural looking hair extension, you need to pay heavy. The cost depends on the length and volume of the hair extension and also on the stylist you choose for getting them fixed.
  • Hair extension can bring some damage to your real hair. Since it is attached using thermal heat, knotting, braiding or glue, it can hamper the hair root or strand. The glues, chemicals and heat can break, split or burn the hair strands, while the tight knots or braids can even pull your hair out of its root.
  • The process of hair extension is lengthy and hectic. The duration taken to attach the extension depends on the length, fullness and the method of application. You may need to sit for eight to nine hours at the salon to get the hair extension attached. 
  • Avoid the extensions that are heavier than your own hair. If they are too heavy, you hair can break off. So, choose the extension that your hair can withstand.
  • Choose a proper stylist who can put on the accurate hair extension, without doing any harm to your real hair.
  • Use a special brush for the extension, so that your new hair is not destroyed. Use gentle shampoo and rinse under cold water, to avoid tangles.
  • If you want a short term hair extension, go for the bonded one. It is quite cheap and best for one or two day usage.

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