Using hair extensions is a fast and effective way to make the hair look lengthier than usual. Check out the instructions given in the article and learn how to do/put human hair extensions.

How To Do Hair Extensions

It takes a long time, probably several months or even a year, to grow long hair. Do you know that you can attain the desired length of your hair overnight also, without totally resorting to a wig? Yes, it is possible to increase the length of your hair within minutes. How? With the use of hair extensions! Hair extensions can be described as human hair or synthetic fibers attached to your hair. The difference between extensions and wigs is that the former looks much more natural than the latter.
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In the process of hair extension, human or artificial hair are either glued or clipped onto the original hair, in an attempt to make the latter look longer, without making the people notice the 'artificial growth'. While professional hair extensions are done for a long term basis, you can also clip or glue the extensions onto your hair, on your own, for a temporary style. Learn how to do hair extensions at home, with the instructions given in the lines below.
How To Clip-in Human Hair Extensions 
  • First, you need to make sure that your hair is free from the build up of oil and dirt. So, shampoo your hair thoroughly and condition it well.
  • Towel-dry or blow-dry your hair from the root to tip. If you are using the blow-dryer, opt for the one with a comb attachment.
  • Now, using a tail comb, divide your hair horizontally, 3 inch up from the nape of your neck.
  • Comb the bottom part of your hair downwards towards your back and the upper part towards the crown of your head. Secure the upper part of the hair with a clip. Your hair is now ready for the extensions to be clipped on.
  • To start with, measure the width of the hair extensions you want to wear, by placing them at the back of your hair. Cut it into two pieces, as per the size you want.
  • Sew the clips onto the weft of the hair extension, using needle and cotton. The clip should be sewed onto the weft in such a way that its rubber strip touches the hair.
  • Clip the extension onto your own hair, in a gentle manner.
  • To ensure that the clipped hair extensions stay in place, brush your hair gently. By doing this, you will be able to make the hair extensions blend into your own hair. 
  • The color of hair extensions should be the same as your own hair, so that people do not notice that you have extended the length of your hair artificially.
  • You may choose straight or curly extensions. Whatever you choose, it should not look something completely contrasting with your current hair.
  • Your hair should be long enough to hold the extensions. Too short hair often fails to retain the extensions for a long time. The longer your own hair, the longer extensions you would be able to manage.
  • While sewing on the clips onto the weft, leave 3 inches of gap between each of them.

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