If you are a man and want to make a different style statement, check out the cornrow styles. Go through this article and explore cornrow hairstyle ideas for guys/men.

Cornrow Styles For Men

Cornrow is one of the hottest hairstyles in the present times, which has been in vogue for many years and continues to rule as a bold fashion statement. Not only women, but even the men are keen about sporting the ultimate cornrow look, by braiding their hair in intricate ways. A descendant of the traditional French braids, this African-American hairstyle is a true head turner, no matter whether it is simple or complicated. Colorful clips and hair accessories make it even more attractive. To know more about the very popular cornrow styles for men, read the following lines.
Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas For Guys 
  • Flip through the fashion magazines and short list some of the cornrow styles that form a part of the current trend.
  • Remember, your facial shape will dictate the type of cornrow style that is best suited for you. For instance, if your jaw line is wide, avoid opting for a short cornrow hairstyle. In such case, you will have to grow your hair up to shoulder length and then stylize the locks. Take the help of a hairstylist, to finalize the perfect cornrow style for you.
  • Decide how you want to go about flaunting the hairstyle - whether you want some strands in front i.e. at your forehead, or go straight back with the braids.
  • Consider the intricacy that you want to achieve, with the style. You can opt from the simple weave patterns to the complicated star shaped cornrows, creative swirls and geometrical designs. For the beginners, it is suggested to stick to the simpler styles, because they will be able to manage it easily.
  • For creating the desired fancy look for your hair, separate the hair in the middle of the head, going horizontally across. Start creating cornrows from the middle of your head, to the nape of your neck, keeping the specific style and look in mind. 
  • Never braid the hair too tight, because it will be difficult to untie and may also prove uncomfortable.
  • Cornrows can be washed at a mild setting. Make use of a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair, after braiding the cornrows.
  • It is suggested to cover your hair with a satin scarf before going to bed, so that the strands do not knot into each other, while sleeping.

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