Removing underarm hair is an easy process, which can be carried out at home. Find out how to remove armpit hair.

Removing Underarm Hair

In the fashion conscious world of today, everybody has become extremely considerate about his or her looks. All of us want to look presentable, in order to create a niche for ourselves in the society. This factor has escalated the need for personal grooming amongst both men and women. One such personal grooming factor is the need to remove underarm hair. Though it may be optional for men, it is considered a must for women. Removing underarm hair becomes especially necessary in summer months, when the perspiration is extremely high. While waxing and razor are the most popular ways to remove underarm hair, you can also remove it by other methods. To get detailed information on how to remove armpit hair, read through the following lines.
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How To Remove Underarm Hair
  • One of the best and widely used ways of removing underarm hair is waxing. For this, buy a good brand wax and disposable hair removal strips.
  • Heat the body wax, so that it melts considerably, to be applied smoothly on the hair.
  • Once the wax has melted, scoop out a small amount with a tongue depressor or wooden spoon.
  • Make sure your underarm area is completely dry, so that the wax sticks to your skin properly. For making the area perfectly dry, apply talcum powder.
  • Apply wax over your underarm hair, with the help of the tongue depressor or a wooden spoon.
  • Spread the wax in the direction of the hair growth, covering all the hair.
  • Take one strip and press it firmly over the wax on your underarm hair.
  • Pull the strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth, to remove hair. Do this quickly and firmly.
  • You can use as many strips as it takes to get all the hair removed.
  • After the hair is removed, splash your underarms with cold water, to soothe the sting. 
Using Razor 
  • The second way to get rid of underarm hair would be to use a razor.
  • For the process, you need to first wet the underarm area with lukewarm water
  • Now, apply some shampoo or soap in the underarm area. This would create lather.
  • Using a razor, just shave off the entire area.
  • Make sure you do not press hard or you might just hurt yourself.
  • Once this is done, splash some water and clean the region with a soft towel.
  • In case some tiny bits of hair are still left, redo the whole process.  
Other Methods
Plucking is another way to get rid of underarm hair. With the help of a pair of tweezers, you can just pluck the hair from the underarm area. Make sure that the hair is long enough to be plucked. However, the main disadvantage of this process is that it is not only time consuming, but also uncomfortable. For those looking for a permanent riddance from underarm hair, electrolysis works the best. The process involves using electric current to destroy the hair in a follicle. Laser therapy can also be undertaken for removing underarm hair. The method, though not permanent, is definitely long lasting and involves usage of beams of light to destroy the hair follicle.

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